A breath of fresh air! Pretty soon lockdown will be over and we’ll be able to travel and go fishing almost wherever we want, check this film on the Kaimanawa Range, hard to get to, but massive trout are waiting for you!

New Zealand attracks fly fishermen as much as it pushes them away, we are attracked because we see, year after year, films with massive trout and amazing landscapes. The truth is that it’s not that obvious to fish there. Eithe you go to easy access rivers, but you won’t be the only one.. or you hike, and when we say hike, you better be ready to beat the bush! So the way to go fishing is to take a chooper, such as the one you see in this film for Helisika, a helicopter company for fishing and hunting charter. The landscapes are breathtaking,  the river amazing and the fish… have yyou seen those trout?! Who wouldn’t go for a 3 day hike? We would, not you?

Helisika – Guided Fly Fishing from Mark Duncan