We love Luke Bannister, we have the feeling he’s one of our relatives, although all we know about him is an interview, we do’nt actually know him but we are always touched by a kind of poetry in his films, so here you go, here’s Returning to the river!

FIrst days of fishing are part of everyone’s memories, even if this year it’s been harder than usual due to lockdowns and confinements, but there we go, let’s go fishing! Early Spring days are always very special, it’s still a bit cold, nature is not really fully blooming, sometimes it’s not warm enough to have hatches but nevertheless, we’re in the river (not disturbong Graylings)! Often we have to fly fish with wetflies, “comb” the river from one bank to the other, beware when you lift your fly, it’s often at tha moment that the fish catches it, than move one step up and comb again…Capture d’écran 2021-05-03 à 11.02.10

I wrote enough, it’s time for you to watch Returning to the river, another great film from  Luke Bannister, and his awesome rods, weither plitcane or fiberglass or even carbon!

Capture d’écran 2021-05-03 à 11.05.51

And if you want ot flyfish in eEngland, seriously think about Devon! Here’s where it starts!

Returning To The River from Luke Bannister