Seychelles, it’s on the bucket list of all fly fisherman, at least for the ones who fly fish in salt water. Salt water fly fishing is something else. And when we see our friends Jasper Paakköönen (from Vikings) and Keith Rose-Innes (the brains behind the Rise festival) all we want to do is GO!

Have you seen the jolt you get in the arms when that GT gets the streamer?  Makes you want to win the lottery! I wonder if I am not going to sell my kids to offer my self a trip to Farquhar Island! Oh, it won’t be enough?  Ok I’ll keep watching that film in a loop and than I’ll go fly fishing one of those big fat lazy hybrid rainbow from the river, the ones that have been stocked and has nothing to do in our rivers which only host brown trout!

Holly sh*t! Have you seen those colours, that water, that sand, those fish… It looks like heaven, for us!

Sawyer Social Media Campaign | Seychelles | 2021 from Fly Fishing Nation