Notice to collectors or lovers of beautiful objects related to fishing.

Usually at Le Mouching, we are trying to bring a rather young picture of fishing and to dust off the cliché of the old koots. But today, we will make an exception to tell you about the French web site Kostos. Here you will not find the latest fashionable pike flies or the new chest pack that everyone wants to get. If you expected this kind of products, move on. No, Kostos, looks more like your grandfather’s attic minus the dust. You can find “vintage” gear as hipsters would say: rods, reels, spoons, feathers, books…IMG_20210928_114324 Very soon, you will have the opportunity to sell your gear. In addition to bringing old objects back to life, Kostos is a member of the 1% collective for the planet. For those who do not know, the principle is simple, 1% of turnover is donated for environmental causes. So buy these jewels you will do good to the planet.