I’m back for a little fly-tying session. For those of you who don’t know, I’m a lover of dry fishing. I love seeing my fly caught by a fish. For me, it’s a magical moment.

I usually fish mountain streams for those that require highly visible and floating flies. I use deer a lot as equipment as well as the rooster. One of my favorite imitations is the elkhair caddis. A sedge very widespread in the states. Today, I present to you a model discovered thanks to my friend Lukas from Danicadudes. We met in my native Haute-Savoie to do the closing of the trout together. A day at the top (despite the rain in the late afternoon) where I could discover the German fishing style very different from ours, but also the beers. During this session, he offered me a small fly box with a lot of different fixtures. One of them immediately attracted me. She was very sexy with her CDC wing. When I took her out, I saw the rooster frill along its body. No doubt, I was in front of a variant of the elk hair caddis, this mythical fly that I like. Let’s call it a night, and let’s do the step by step tying.