Where we’re from we cannot fish in winter since it’s spawning season, but, hey, everyone has it’s own rules! So when I saw this film about Brook Trout fishing I couldn’t resist, I had to watch it! And so should you!

Last Fall we were shooting a film around Le Mont Blanc mountain in France and in Italy. On the italian part, we ended up high in a remote valley far from everything with a little stream running in the middle of pastures with cows and the sound of bells and birds. It was like a postcard. But the most important part was the amount of Brook Trout there was in that stream! I love those fish, those italian ones were small, the biggest was no more than 10 inches, but I recall fishing for Brook Trout in Patagonia that were almost 2 pounds! Again, I love that fish, so when I saw that film, the size of the Brook Trout and the story with this dad and his son. It was close to perfection!