Saturday marks the beginning of the trout fishing season. In France, it is THE fish that everyone loves to tease.

So to excite you even more here is a video that I hope will make you feel good. It’s always a real treat to watch the videos of our friend Martin alias Carpe Diem. We take a lot of eyes, rising, trout (but not only) and beautiful landscapes. It makes you drool, don’t you think? But what is even more beautiful in this film is that he tells us his vision of fly fishing, the imitations he uses and the tackle. I won’t say more and let you discover this little gem….

Of course, the best is to watch it on a big screen and comfortably installed because you have 22 minutes of pure happiness. To watch it with subtitles: the square at the bottom left of the screen, activate them, then the notched wheel: automatic translation and then you choose the language you want!