Le Mouching Mixtapes! We’re back, back with some goodies for your weekend, the mixtapes we’ve been listening to as we were working at the office!

The easiest way to download everything to your computer is to get Media Human! Than you’ll paste the adress of the mixtape (by clicking on the title) you want and it’ll deliver it to you!

You can download those mixtapes eyes wide shut, it’s fat and light at the same time, you can feel like dancing or lay in your sofa, you can choose to work or daydream or even dance, trust us, it’s only good sounds, even if you are not used to them!

Juke Joint,A Little Deeper, blues and soul, the way we love it!


Some of those songs you’ve never heard!
Country Honk (Alternate version)/Almost Hear You Sigh (KR Vox)/Too Rude – Rude Dub – Rolling Stones
Love Overdue/Keith Richards & The X-Pensive Winos
Sway/Jesse Malin
Before They Make Me Run/Great Lake Swimmers
Satisfaction (I Can’t Get No)/Otis Redding
You Don’t Move Me/Eileen/Keith Richards & The X-Pensive Winos
Salt Of The Earth/Rolling Stones
Gimme Shelter/Little T&A/Happy (Live)/Keith Richards & The Expensive Winos

Tropic Disco Sound System present :Rhythim in Custody vol.10 09.02.22, this will be an advice for the next mixtape too, it’s just the best of cool, reggae, ska, without autotune nor vocoder! It’s honey for your ears!

Tropic Disco Sound System present :Rhythim in Custody Vol.11 08.03.22, yeah of course you are going to tell yourself “another tropical mixtape!” you’re wrong, it’s just tropical reggae! Best of the best!

And here’s to end this weekend’s selection : Dundunbanza – Souma Records selections for Turning Point Toronto

We hope you enjoy those mixtapes, if you have any request, send us an email!