Winter is so long… It’s time to come for nature to get into “spring/summer” mode and for Mayflies to hatch. In the meantime, let’s go fishing the high country Colorado lakes with Todd Moen!

And when Todd Moen takes a camera in hand, it’s always with subtlety and taste. Fishing in high altitude lakes has this little something magical. It is reached on foot, after a long walk. And when you’re there, disappointment rarely comes to mind. But imagine, you are in Colorado! Landscapes are spectacular. Like the trout, in rows of onions in the rivers that feed these lakes. Dryfly fishing becomes a legal obligation.

I think this year more than the others, I can’t wait to be at the water’s edge. For many of you, it already is. I’m still waiting, I’m delaying the moment until I can fish in wadding and dry. That day will be my trout opening!