Our friends from Tight Loops are among the first ones to whitness the terrible floods from Yellowstone River in Montana.

More than 20 years ago, I had the luck to spend fall in Montana, I remember I had met a girl who was living in Paradise Valley, we use to drive to Livingstone and go to Murray Bar to spend the evening, it was fun and during the day I fished with Michel Fontan  (RIP)who was a French guide from Bud LiLlie4s, and also was a cook and he used to be cook from LA and turned into a fly fishing guide. Lord how I liked that guy, we talked about life, fishing and food while fishing. He told me how he cooked for Jim Harrison’s daughters wedding in Livingstone and how much it was fun talking to Big Jim and fishing with him. Michel is long gone but my memories are like yesterday. When I see that flood, they all come back to my head. I have many Montana stories, like this other girl I met in Livingstone and who was driving a Trans Am and had a piece in her glove compartment, but that’s another story…

Floods are always aweful for fish and humans.

All our thoughts to you, guys.