Kristallklar is a story of river, friendship and fishing. Basically everything we love about mouching.

This is a film made by On the fly kreativ. It takes place in West Germany. We will meet Kirill, Nic and Simon. Kirill is in love with his river, so much so that he has taken over a course to make it a sanctuary. At the same time, we understand him. The spot is so magnificent that we can’t help but fall under its spell. The river has not undergone any human intervention, there is no road around, no dams and especially no restocking… a dream, and as a result, the density of brown trout is impressive. Nic is Kirill’s buddy, they met in Luxembourg and it’s there that their friendship was born. As for Simon, he is the director of this film. This is not a “fishporn” but a fishing story. Sit on your couch with a good beer, turn on your TV and watch this movie.