Are you fine? Not too hot? Maybe you are like us, frustrated by the lack of water and the heatwave. And since I’m sure you’ve made the choice to leave the fish alone, here’s to reaward you!Let’s go to the Yorshire Dales.

One could say that there are several categories of fishermen, the inveterate ones who fish against all odds, whether it rains, winds, that the rivers overflow or that they are dry, what matters is to “make” fish. There are those who simply enjoy being by the river and when the fish are too hot, that there is too much or too little water, they leave them alone. There are hundreds of thousands of categories of fly fishermen, as many as there are anglers, we all have our own motivations and pleasure is found in particular place in our heart, in relation to our history and our sensibility.

But, here we are, it’s the drought and indeed it’s better to leave the fish alone. So to entertain you and make you dream, this little film on the rivers of the Dales Park, in Yorkshire, England, is perfect to make us forget our torments and our frustration: it is as if we were fishing with our best friend, right behind him so as not to bother him and watch him catch fish, real happiness. We feel the freshness of the water, the softness of the summer wind, the smell of the river. Everything is there to make us forget that even sometimes when we go to the river in the summer, to watch if the fish start to feed, we hear the noise of moto-pumps, pumping…to water corn and other crops. Life can be unfair.