Opening season is kind of late, too much water, wrong weather almost everywhere, we think it’s time to travel and dream while watching your screen! What about we go to Lapland for Salmon? Have you ever been?

This video with a particular format between travel video and documentary was made as part of an adventure shared with the family and which became a video project.

Swedish Lapland and sport fly fishing (no-kill) for Baltic salmon are the main themes. This fishing is an incredible challenge. A kind of fight against oneself combining patience, endurance, tenacity and spirit. Even the most courageous and expert anglers can come back empty-handed from several weeks of fishing. We discover the spiritual, the respect of nature, its environment and their way of life, it was an incredible experience.

To summarize Lapland, it is magnificent landscapes, a fantastic trip, a wild and mystical nature, a respect of the most authentic, breathtaking rivers, without forgetting the salmon fly fishing. All this made me feel calm and tranquil. No place had made me feel that way before and I wanted to convey that feeling through this production.

editing, camera :
Damien Femy

Oh BTW, it’s in French, but who cares? it’s all about feelings, isn’t it?