When Nicolas Germain, André Terrier’s soul brother (Mr Terrier was one of France best fly fishing figure) has wrote an amazing book about fly fishing, not a technical book, “la Truite en Héritage”, a book of stories ahppening in his dear and beloved Franche Comté (East of France). But Nicolas has also a blog and a flyshop,  he’s a fantastic tyeer specialized in nymphs and leaders. If you want to read in French or if you just want to be part of the global fly fishing tribe, just get that book!


One of our readers, Raphael Amat, took the time to write a review on Edward Abbey’s book A Season in the Wilderness, let’s welcome him on board!

Why should we read such a book when you’re a flyfisherman, and you love water, the whisper of tiny streams, and the large and calm takes at dusk? Though, there it’s not only about burning dust and howling wind under Utah’s arche and rattlesnakes. Edward Abbey deals with the same faith about the spring blossom in the desert, the mineral beauty of canyons and even manages to catch a few rainbow trouts… Is vision of a sacred Nature that turn into a merchandise for people who do not dare about its secret treasures is a call for wisdom and modesty in a world that is going to fast for nowhere.

My fellow angler who is fishing worldwide, put your rod aside, sit down on a rock and admire. An old twisted tree, the call of a sparrow, the beauty of the Earth… (as Fallkus was suggesting so in “Sea trout fishing”).



Tenkara, fly fishing Japanese style, sobriety, almost like naked fishing, nothing but a rod a line and a fly, the ultimate fishing? Probably the one that gets you the closest to the basics. At least according to Yvon Chouinard, from Patagonia, Craig Mathews, from Blue Ribbon Flies, Mauro Mazzo, renowned guide, illustrations by James Prosek froworded by one of our favorite artist: Russel Chatham who all got together to write Simple Fly Fishing: Techniques for Tenkara and Rod and Reel 


Here is the 1st part of a Christmas poem found in BoneFish On The Brain.

Twas the day before Christmas, when all through the bay
Not a creature was stirring, not even a ray.
The rods were all strung up and rigged up with care
In the hopes that a bonefish, soon would be there.

The crabs were all nestled all snug in their holes
And the flat was empty, devoid of other souls.


XMAS BOOK: 50 Best Tailwaters to Fly Fish

50 Best Tailwaters to Fly Fish, what else do you need to know? That Terry and Wendy Gunn have made a amazing job on gathering all the informations you need to be a happy fly fisherman, from Lodge, guides, dining, lodging and fishing! Maybe one of the best book you could get for Xams!



A few days ago my wife and I were invited to celebrate Thanksgiving dinner with friends who live in a little town two hours from New York by train. The air there was fresh and dry and it smelled good and clean. The traditional meal was quite respectable as were all of the people gathered around the table.

I found myself sitting next to a guy, on my left, who I had never met before. A nice face, between two ages… the guy ate the traditional turkey without saying a word. So, I introduced myself and engaged him in conversation. Quickly, as you can imagine, we arrived at our respective passions and “le Mouching” of course, appeared at the table.

Surprised, my neighbor interrupted me: “Tell me, have you ever heard about Julia Fairchild?” Read more…


What’s best than this music video from the  Valhalla pour vous annoncer to announce that as usual, starting in december you will find on Le Mouching our Xmas Shopping List! We are no t going to leave you naked like that, we’ll scout for you the best fishing gear, clothing, stupid things, usefull tools, if you don’t have any idea for your Xmas shopping, don’t you worry, we’ll help you out!  

thanks to MoldyChum


There you go! The fall issue of Pêches Sportives is out! Probalbly one of the best magazines you can find, and in this issue all about the Nymphs! tens of pages of h”how to use them” to “how to tie them”! Don’t miss it! You can also suscribe !


Mister Leonard, Thanks for the good times!  Here are the books and here are the films


Here’s the Bible to all travelers!  HOW TO SWEAR AROUND THE WORLD  is THE indispensible book for your hollydays or any fishing trip you are planning to make! The thing you must not forget if you want to impress your friends by the river or become you’re guide’s best friend, cursing in his own language all day long! Better than all the travel guides you can ever get !