Tail Magazine — Issue 16

The March/April issue of Tail Fly Fishing Magazine is out. I can think of better ways to spend the lunch break on a painful Monday, but very few of them are practical, and in some cases you’ll end up in jail, or with a STD, or both. So it’s probably wiser to just sit with a cup of good coffee, and let the guys take you to amazing places. You’ll learn how to calculate the $/fish ratio (horrible), how to catch a bone in Thailand, how to chose sunglasses (you need them), how to science up your bone fishing, how not to despise the jacks (they’re amazing), and many many other invaluable things.


The Old-Time Small Shops of Paris

Paris, THE Paris you dream of; the one with the rare and unique little shops fillled with miscellania and memories, miles away from the mainstream and big box stores we see the world over. Within the pages of these books lays the soul of Paris. Discover special tiny places that have managed to survive through decades and in the culture of international retail chains. While other merchants were upgrading, finding ways to turn the old into new, these gems have remained the same for in some cases, centuries. And wouldn’t you know that among those boutiques there are three of our favorite stores here at Le Mouching!

Of course there is the venerable Maison de la Mouche, home-base for Parisians fly fishers, where we go as often as we can to get our gear or when we are looking for the fly tying material we need to tie our best streamer. We love the old fashion possibility to actually try and buy and we’d happily test their rods across the street on the banks of the Seine before handing over our credit card. The book also features Le Moulin de la Vierge, our go-to bakery with it’s incomparable bread and some of the best pasrties in town. Last but not least, A la ville de Rodez, where you can find and buy all the best from our dear Aveyron, the spiritual home of Le Mouching. Here you’ll find saucisse sèche, saucisson, tripoux, jambon cru and all of the extraordinary, meaty delicacies from the area of Rodez.  So if you ever come to Paris, Paris – Boutiques d’antan et de toujours is the book you need to have if you want to shop like a real Parisian, even more than a Parisian, un vrai parisien ! And guess what? This fantastic book is in French AND English! Written by Barbara Kamir – Pictures by Christian Sarramon.

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Paris Fly Fishing Show

PEES15We got some more tickets for you! Send us an email with PFFS15 in the title at this address, and you’ll be on the guest list! This offer ends wednesday night!

Small dam, big problems

Jim Harrison a good day to dieLittle dams, they are as bad as big ones, maybe more because oftne owned by people or small companies that don’t have the means to maintain them or don’t want to. Our river La Dordogne is known to be one fo our best rivers, coming from Massif Central, she starts small bouncing in the canyons than becaomes that slow lady, filled with big trout and the famous DOrdogne grayling. It’s upper part has even been turned into a Catch & Release for several miles. But that was without thinking that the people owning the micro dam upstreet were just a bunch of greedy thugs who didn’t care about that river but only wanted to take the most they could from it. So one night, they just released the water stuck behind the dam so they wouldn’t have to spend any cent to clean it. Unfortunatly, with the water, were tons of sediment that went down the river and distoyed everything. We are hurt, all french fishermen are hurt, because once more “they” don’t care about our rivers. It make us want to cry, such a wonderful river. It’s a shame and shame on the people who run the micro dam.  It makes me want to read one of  the best Jim Harrison’s novel “A good day to die“. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s a must ! If you read French and want to knwo all about this disaster, it’s HERE

Here’s what we wrote in 2011 Blow that dam

This is Fly #50

The 50th issue of This is Fly is out. As beautiful as ever, and fully uses the advantages of online magazine: you’ve got a playlist to listen to while you read. Indie/indus pop-rock, all classics. You’ve got an arresting photo portfolio by Dylan Johnston, you’ve got Scott going all Roy Lichtenstein on their Tidal rods. You’ve got ski and fly fishing for a great mix. You’ve got Nibia and Patagonia, Trout Unlimited, the guys of Fokus Studio (who did the graphic design for Hooké)…

Go read it! 

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Catch Mag #39

The new Catch Magazine is out. In more than a hundred pictures, most of them arrestingly beautiful, and some carefully written texts, you’ll travel to Belize for a fishing paradise and Alaska for steelhead, to Utah for winter browns and to Ireland for its magic. You’ll see a beautiful and somewhat heartbreaking movie by Todd Moen about Oregon’s chrome. To sum up: you’ll be caught dreaming awake in the pictures and sounds from the planet’s best fishing places. I think it’s good value for $12 a year. Subscribe and read here:


Canarian Carp

Canaries Islands, take your bathing suite, gallons of tan oil, and get ready to hit the beaches filled with the the worst of what North has to offer, coming out of condos with all inclusives holydays, to shake their sunburned bodies to Eurotrash rythms, makes Spring Break look like a teenage party, our worst nightmare! But this is not what we are going to show you, what you are about to see is one of the most secret destination for Carp on the fly! Just look at the landscape and think that once you’re done fishing, you can go to the beach. Sounds great, let’s go!

At Le Mouching’s office…

We told Flèche he could not come to the Paris Fly Fishing Show… Just another day of frustration at Le Mouching’s office, exactly the same reaction he had when we told him he could not cast properly.

Limp Bizkit: Nookie