We all dreamed of one, we all want one, some of us will eventualy build one. What am I talking about? Cabins! Men’s cave! Personal Xanadu! The place where you can hide and live your life with no one telling you what to do! The place wher you can really be yourself, YOUR cabin! You can clean it and organize it as a lab or keep it untidy if you want, nobody cares it’s your den! To help you build it and to give you ideas, here’s a bible : Compact Cabins: Simple Living in 1000 Square Feet or Less

Compact Cabin

The real Burger

We all love burgers (who wouldn’t?) I’m talking about real burgers, the ones you prepare with love, the ones evryone’s cooking on the grill with your friends around. The Burgers of Love!  Here’s the bibleBig Book of Burgers

Paris Fly Fishing Show 2015 = Free tickets!

Paris Fly Fishing SHow 2015

The Paris Fly Fishing Show  2015  is just around the corner! SInce we are very nice people, we are giving away FIFTY tickets! Yes, 50 !!! All you need to do is send us an email  with subject “PFFS15“, than you’ll be on a guest list at the entrance !Paris fly fishing show 2015

Paris Fly Fishing Show 2015

Paris FLy FIshing Show 2015Paris Fly Fishing Show 2015: Title says it all! If you are in Paris on the 27th and 28th of February, it’s a must! Not only you’ll get a chance to meet manufacturers like JMC and try their rods, but also Marc Petit Jean who’ll explain everything about his famous CDC, you could book a trip with Planet Fly Fishing, shop around at the many retailers present at the show, there is a lso a fly tying contest and many other opportunities to feed your addiction!  See you there !


Here comes Peches Sportives #102, probably the only fishing magazine who really cares about the water the fish are swimming in… This issue is great, it’s giving us all the tips to practice “Street Fishing”, spinning or on the fly! A list of 100 spots in French cities, very useful. If you come over here, bring a rod in your bag!Peches Sportives  102


At Le Mouching, we love music, paintings and many things like that that do something good to your head and to your soul. And we love reading too. Friends of mine gave me this book recently as a present (having cool friends is a good idea), « Casco Bay », from William G. Tapply, which is a crime novel. The main character, Stoney Calhoun, is a fly fishing guide for stripers in the Maine. And the authors serves us details that only a true fisherman, who actually goes fishing, knows.


It has the good atmosphere of a flyshop in the US, and you can feel the tough character who wakes up early in the morning because it is the moment when the widlife is bubbling up. This is different from the poetrised stories with loads of details, not saying that those are bad, rather that this one is definitely different. And it doesn’t talk only about fishing. It is a good novel that talks very well about fly fishing. Go for it, it i’s good stuff, and a nice affordable Xmas present!


Fly Fishing Belize, a bible for all of us who fare going crazy for Permit, wether you really catch them or are doomed and dream of catching this elusive animal!Jim Klug has gathered all his best fishing pictures of all the trips he made to Belize. The book to get or to offer for Xmas!Fly Fishing Belize


The latest issue of Pêches SPortives is out, if you read French or are in France, get it! You can always suscribe! This magazine is the only French mag fighting for the fishermen, whether with flies or lures, fighting get us back clear waters, You might not be aware of it but here, agriculture rules, heavily polluting the rivers, regardless of what we can say… It’s a fight we have had with all the goverments, they don’t care about us because we don’t exist for them… But still we have a few rivers that are surviving, and a few wild fish in it. Buying this mag is not only good for you, it’s also telling the world you care about the rivers!

Pêches Sportives N°101