Cleared by Adam P. Summers

My friend Peter Perch, a cool artist and a crazy street fisherman, recently  posted this on FB, and it’s awesome. Adam P. Summers is a biologist who understood what was obvious in the times of Luzzi, Verrochio, Da Vinci or Vesalius: good scientific images require artistic talent as much as rigorous understanding. He produces beautiful scans of fish anatomy, the kind you would decorate a trendy lounge with…

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Kung Fu Fishing

Kung fu carp fishingYou thought, as a fine flyfisherman, you knew everyting about carp fishing, but this is arrogance, if not haughtiness, you, little beetle. Should you be humble and learn your master’s voice who will lead you on the path to serenity, read Kung Fu Carp Fishing: Tips and techniques for fly fishing for carp (catching carp, catching carp with flies, how to catch carp, fly casting for carp, fly casting) and a master too, you will be!

The Big Seven, Jim Harrison

Jim Harrison by Jeff ToppingPhoto Jeff Topping

Big sevenPlease make a warm welcome to our new contributor, Julien. Ju Lien is an avid fly angler and outdoor photographer with quite a fanatic obsession for wilderness in both real life and literature. The recent release of Harrison’s last opus in French is kick-off contribution to Le Mouching! You can see more of his photos on his page.

About a year ago, American author Jim Harrison published a new novel, The Big Seven which should be on every self-respecting Mouching reader’s must-read list!  Here we revisit Sunderson, the antihero and retired detective from “The Great Leader”, Harrison’s previous novel. In “The Big Seven”, Saunderson contemplates the deadly sins of his past life while coming to the rescue of an unruly and strange family of redneck criminals who have taken up residence beside his favorite trout stream.  

Big Jim is known for his colorful and rural characters with a lust for sex and bourbon and at the same time a voracious appetite for wild trout fishing and the wilderness. One thread that runs through his work is the pairing of a wild, self possessed  male protagonist with and anchoring, free spirited female character. This always makes for an interesting dynamic. His stories are full of duality; they tread the fine line between irrepressible hilarity to depression. They weave the ordinary facts of life into the universal human condition. What probably is the most touching about this writer to me is that all of his stories offer a unique perception of contemporary life through characters who we care about; characters who are lost and searching while trying to regain a little dignity along the way.

You, the Mouching reader, will be enchanted by Harrison’s poetical fury, intoxicated by his humor and lust for life. His themes will be familiar to your passions: the wilderness, fine food, lust, grace and freedom; genuine and at the same time loaded with irony. By the time you reach the last page, you will be left with only one option: to devour life in all it’s intensity and find your way out, ecstatically.

Long live Big Jim!

Carp on the fly, THE book

Carp on the Fly

Monday’s reading everyone! I know, you have other things to do on a week day, but did you think about how cool it woul dbe to know everything about carp on the fly when it comes to fish them? This is why you needTHE book! Written by Barry Reynolds, Brad Befus and John Berryman, once you have read it Carp will have no secret to you and I’m pretty sure you’ll post all your pictures with big fat carp on Mouchinx, you know, this group espacially made for Le Mouching fans.

Eat Sleep Fish #44

The new issue of Eat Sleep and Fish is out, what else is ther to do anyway? Eat Sleep Fish44

The Way of the Ballpoint

Ren Ato, i.e. Renato Rizzo, is an italian artist, and a master in the Way of the Ballpoint.

It is bad when one thing becomes two. One should not look for anything else in the Way of the Samurai. It is the same for anything that is called a Way. Therefore, it is inconsistent to hear something of the Way of Confucius or the Way of the Buddha, and say that this is the Way of the Samurai. If one understands things in this manner, he should be able to hear about all ways and be more and more in accord with his own.

Hakagure, by Yamamoto Tsunetomo.

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Tail — Issue 18

The new Tail Magazine is out, and it’s as good as ever. It will take you out to Christmas Island to fish for GTs, provide useful tips to brave the heat you’ll find there (and everywhere in the northern hemisphere these days). Rock Dawson will move you with a little piece about his crafty son, which reminded me (and will probably remind you too) how it all began. Joshua Wrigley will get you on the shores of New England for big stripers and an unheard of bit of a dilemma… With Shawn Abernathy you’ll go for striper too, but just a couple of miles from New York. Fantastic read, as usual.

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Revive 31

The new Revive is out, and it rocks. For instance our buddy Norbert Renaud, of worldwide pike reputation, ties a mean streamer. But my favorite bit is a semi-delusional piece about the adventures involved in catching a big striper. It’s called A succession of eternities, by J.T. Armstrong, and it’s exactly how you’re supposed to write about fishing. Good one, JT, you’re da shit.

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Here’s a new webpage that all of us is going to be checking daily, or at least everytime something is posted! Escapads is an international website about adventure based in France, wether you are a surfer, hiker, skiier, cyclist, trekker, fly fisher, in two words; an outdoor’s man, Escapads is made for you! It has the best of all the good stories from the best dedicated and it as also a store where you can get, simply the best! Chesk it out, you’ll be hooked!

Kant on the sublime

Therefore nature is here called sublime merely because it elevates the imagination to a presentation of those cases in which the mind can come to feel the sublimity of its own vocation even over nature.

Immanuel Kant, The Critique of Judgement, §28.

Chasing Rumor

Chasing RUmor, Cameron ChambersYou could think it’s an attitude, it’s actualy a book by Cameron Chambers, Chasing Rumor is not any book, first it’s a book about fly fishing, but not anywhere, fly fishing in Patagonia, but not any Patagonia, the wild one, far from the very expensive lodges, far from the 12 pounders, a book about the real Patagonia, the one that makes you feel you are fishing in a land that has never been fished before, with amazing people, the Patagonia we love. The Northern Patagonia.  


As fly fishers we travel, a lot, of course some guys will tell you they never fish anywhere else but their river, but at Le Mouching, we are travelers. Here’s a great idea for all of you who are planning to come fishing and eating in France or a spanish speaking country (Cuba ? Argentina ?) as well as France or even Italy for the lucky ones who will be able to fish the Italian Alps (very useful in Slovenia too). Well here there are, a pack of three litte guides How To Read The Menu In France, Italy And Spain to all the serets of  their cuisine, not the secrets of cooking but to make you feel comfortable reading a menu ! Size of a credit card, you’ll carry thoses wherever you’ll travel, and if you don’t travel, it’s a cool gift anyways!


Joshua and her Long Way

« To go back now would be madness ». This is the message he sent to his editor, Golden Globe Challenge organization, to his wife, even to the whole world. And he sent it not anyhow, a watertight drum given to the Capetown pilot station ship, with video and audio recordings and writings and pics too… It was in March ’69. “Joshua is so happy at sea…I will not go back, maybe to save my soul too”. An illuminated man? Certainly not. Rather an adventurer, always looking for a wellbeing in accordance with elements, the sea. This is what Bernard Moitessier, sailor argued while he was close to win on board Joshua the first round the world sailing run, alone without neither assistance or stop.

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Later this run will become to the terrific Vendée Globe as we know it. Moitessier, an excellent sailor, as he was leading the race, decided to keep on sailing, that life at sea is the only acceptable for him. That he had no interest for another way of life. His wife, an experimented sailor too, would join him in South Pacific to live a different life, changing from Read more…

Tail — Issue 17

Tail Fly Fishing Magazine #17 is out. It’s full of beauty, exciting stories about tropical fishing. There’s a mahi-mahi fly that could also take a pike, some easy to generalize considerations about taking pictures of the fish, great advice on how to box your flies, and 5 remarkable stories by Captain Scott Hamilton. I always love the new Tail, and this number does not fail to deliver it’s full load of bright colors in your mind.

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