A coffee break at Labrador – H2ommes Polar Expé

Since couple weeks , job is over taking my time and my mind. And this free morning I just wanted to escape, to take the exit way for landscapes, and adventure. Needed to feed my soul with a trip, even just an ersatz. Lucky as I am, Jeannot – from H2Ommes Polar Expé - gave me a call. You remember the two mad lads kayaking along Labrador ? Then I heard his stories about the polar trip, how to prepare route, way points and navigation, play with the tide and winds, how to manage your strength, hard times making you doubtful, the adventurer carefreeness…surrounding by mystic landscapes and black bears… well it is simple, I stayed choked ! Such a trip ! We spent together 2 hours talking travelling in the North on the phone, and me dreaming about the Pole with kid eyes. Here was the slap I needed ! A coffee break along the Labrador’s cost.

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In the woods

Silence, the silence of the forest, every sound takes much more place than we think, with our ears used to the city rumble we feel at peace in the forest. Working with wood gives us a special energy, a special feeling that only if youh ave roamed the woods and cut trees, you’ll be able to understand. The silence filled with sounds, the smell of the gaz, the sound of the saw, and it becomes silence when you have to think how to cut the tree so it falls where you want, and this emptiness once it’s fallen.  This film is amazingly beautiful, from an oak to the final work all the process is magic. A must! This is your’ weekend film, a great cinematographic lesson, a fantastic sound design and direct sound, I hope that all our flyfishing film makers wiil watch it and learn from it. it’s a gem.


Keepemwet! We don’t shout it loud enough. KEEPEMWET! I know it’s hard, it’s difficult, we all want to have a hero shot with that big fish we caught, and if I don’t show all of it, and hold it out of the water who’s gonna beleive me! Well, as my wife says about us fishermen It’s a bit like showing your dingdong shouting I’ve got the biggest…there’s a lot of show off there, and we’ve all done it and porobably will do it again, Ho, how we love to pull that fish out of the water. But now we’ll have to think about what we do, how we handle it, we have to be careful, respectful and caring for the fish! We have keep them in the water, and that doesn’t stop us to take a picture with our ENORMOUS fish!  So next time you catch a fish, keepit in the water as much as you can, it won’t stop you from taking an awesome picture. And like us, join Keepemwet! Keepemwet

Far Waters

I’ve said it, I’ll say it again : it won’t be the future until we get to drive flying cars (hear that, Volkwagen?). But the day we’ll take a Martian green trout on an orange Tchernobyl ant with a blue glass rod, the future will definitely be close. In Bradbury flavor. Anyway, I’m going. Anyone knows where do we get the licence?29MARS2-master675

Water war

From North Georgia to the Gulf of Mexico, two brothers are going deep South trying to find to whom is the water belonging. Everyone wants it, fishermen, industry, farmers, towns… what’s happening to the water? It’s a fantastic documentary, watch it here on VOD


Jumbo Wild

Jumbo Valley, one of the beauties from British Columbia, wilderness sanctuary… is very attractive to real estate and promoters who would love to see this valley, it’s peaks and everything that goes with it, turned into a ski resort…we love wilderness and as fishermen we cannot let this happen, this is why Le Mouching is the perfect place to show this trailer. You want to get involved, even if you just want to know about the film itself, it(s HERE, with the support of Patagonia.

Ocean Conservancy

30 years, who would have thougt that this ongoing mission was already 30 years old, 30 years of taking care of our seas, our oceans, our beaches, therefire our fish and fishing playground! Support Ocean Conservancy, they need us, more than ever!

Antarctica, in the summer

You think you’ve seen it all, you find you room a little stuffy this morning? What about you get some fresh air?

Six months ago, our team was in Antarctica filming for Quark Expeditions. When we came back, we were so overwhelmed by our experience in the South Pole that we offered our client to create an alternate version of the original assignment, something they agreed to without hesitation. This video is all about this unique experience of getting in touch with one of the most remote and wild area on earth.

Thanks to Quark for the opportunity to do what we love, and to the Sea Adventurer’s crew members for their generosity and help with this project.