In 1998, hurricane Mitchell wipe out the coast of the Island of Guanaja, Honduras, today, Fly Fish Guanaja, with the help of the Student Work Program, is re planting that mangrove, collecting seeds, growing young plants in tree nurseries, helping the mangrove to go back were it was once. Without mangrove, we have no fish, no birds, no underwater life, life dies and the island would only be rocks, dead coral and sand. Fantastic adventure to restore the habitat of snook, permit, tarpon and, bonefish! You’re a student, I’m sure you can find out and go help! Learn more : Fly Fish Guanaja 


Tell those dogs there are no catfish in there!  Have you ever seen such happy dogs? I want to go fishing with those dogs in that river,  Luna and Flapjack! 


You’re feeling tired? You need a littel actino to wake you up? Maybe this will do! Let”s go to Botswana with the crazies from Geobass and see how it is to bend some rods in Africa!


A camper, a bunch of friends, summer days by the river and the easy living, what else do we want? Or better what else do we need? As long as we have fish to play with, even if it’s small trout, we cannot mesure our happyness, it is always bigger than what we expect! Brothers on the Fly, you’ve made my day with this film.


Le Mouching, fly fishing, picniqueNormally, this little corner of the river is my secret domain. Rarely are there other fishermen and even more rarely are there troublesome bathers to scare away the fish that amuse themselves playing in the rocks.

But this particular morning (morning, but not too early, after all…) the goddess bitch of the rivers decided otherwise, as demonstrated by the couple of immigrants from the Pas-de-Calais, their kids and their obese, menacing dog. The dog, with his olive green coat, made me think he was from the extreme right. The man, who was around 53 years old, looked at me like I was an old rusted can-opener abandoned near the water by campers. Read more…


Summer evenings, when all of a sudden the river is caught in a cloud of flies, when you don’t know anymore where to cast, when there is so much food on the water you have to make the difference so it’s your fly that is going to be eaten. When the air is warm, the gentle breeze carresses the water, just drag a little bit your fly, and it’ll be magical!


Fighting erosion, a man, alone is penting trees, and more trees. He planted a forest to fight what people thought was inevitable, and then life rose again. This film is a must! Let’s go and plant trees!


The ocean is filled with plastic, thousands and thousands of remains that once were usefull and now are just garbage that will take thousand of years to degrade. Unless we all take part of it and pick up every little piece of platic we find. It might seem to be nothing but I’m sure if we all pick up plastic it’ll be a better world for our kids. And what about making some art with it or make usefull things?


When I was a kid, the cool dudes, the one that we would call hipsters a few decades later, would go skiing dressed up as if they were in the forties, and they use to ski this funny way which would make them kneel to take curves on the slopes, of course they would clib up and never us a lift, they were much too cool for that. Telemark was the way they called their skiing. Telemark is a region in Norway were you can hike the mountains and go for beautiful trout!


Easy long summer days on the Umpqua river, what more do you need, a bunch of friends, adventure, small fish to play with…It’s summertime! This film summs it all. We love it.