I don’t know if you’re like me, but traveling in a car bores me; to such a degree that the temptation to crash my car into the first sycamore tree often visits my spirit. I don’t do it, except rarely, for fear of wrecking havoc on one of these magnificent trees.

The only time that I rode in one of these damned cars with pleasure, was when Cyril and I went fishing. And when it’s Cyril who drives, I have the leisure to enjoy the countryside and we pass the time telling stories, the more preposterous, the better.

On that blessed day it was my birthday, it was like a sunday drive in the park heading to a river that Cyril was keeping secret.

As a birthday gift I had received a marvelous book about the life of the celebrated “douanier Rousseau”, a magnificent artist. I wanted to share my enchantment and happiness with my flakey friend as he piloted us. Read more…


There is hope for our French rivers!! In the US, the Boise River watershed has suffered from big fires. And then all the burned stuff was flushed down to the river by big rain… The fishermen were frightened to see what was left down there this year, but the nature finally found its path.

That is true when we leave the nature doing its magic!!! Sign the petition so we can let her do so !!!


Sign the petition!!! For a couple of years from now, our rivers in Franche Comté suffer from massive death of our trouts, graylings, and fish in general. Every year, those mortalities carry off these fabulous fish from rivers like la Loue, le Doubs, or this year le Dessoubre,. Those rivers are recognized by many as the most beautiful rivers in France.

Photo:Nicolas Germain

The cause of those death is very likely linked with the quality of the water. So, dear fellow fishermen, friends of le Mouching, sign the petition so that our ministry of Ecology hear us and react!!!

There will also be a protest the 17th of May at St Hippolyte, it’s the right moment!

Many thanks to Yves Faillenet and Nicolas Germain for pushing those informations.


The meal had been divine. We might have abused the famous YAMAZAKI, that extraordinary Japanese whisky, for the pupils of my friend Cyril indicated that he was probably inebriated,

however that didn’t stop him from taking the floor.

“My dear Flèche, I know that your possess a staggering erudition and culture, but, do you know there are snakes that regularly escape the cages of their owners and are later discovered in the most bizarre places. Read more…


In Norvège, when then blow an avalanche, it’s no joke.


Fly Fishing Collaborative we support them, you have to support them too, I guess everythin gis pretty clear in that film so join, if you feel you can help too.


There is not much to add, if not that it makes you want to get out and have fun!  Old Crow Medicine Show/mississippi sathurday night


Californian ridge, can it be more beautiful than that? You remember the western films from our childhood, or even The Misfits with Marylin, Monty Cliff and Clark Gable? well, that’s where it is, in the middle of the Eastern Sierrra, where it’s almost desert and yet where life explodes by the rivers. And I want to have the same white hat as the fishing cowboy!  went there, to shoot those amazing images for Red Truck Fly Rods. 


“I’ll pick you up around 9 a.m.”  My good friend Stephen McPherson dosn’t lie. At 9 on the dot, the gravel in the courtyard of our house was crunching as he parked his Land Rover. I threw my fishing gear in the trunk and we hit the road.

I should mention that the Stephen in question was an old friend whom I met on a Scottish loch not far from his family house which is a sort of castle without ghosts, built in a severe style of gray stone. Read more…


The River, we all have a special story with a river, our river, the one our heart beat faster when we get close to it, the one that when we mention her name tons of memories come to our mind. Here The River is the Ausable in Michigan. You can get the DVD HERE. Not only will you ifnd The River but Brothers Brown and Summers, two other films for over 3 hours of river love and fly fishing !

The Brothers Brown, the story of three borthers Matt, Mark et Eric, who grew up and live by the Ausable.

Summers, The story of Bob Summers, Bambou rod builder in Michigan state and his realtionship with George Griffith, founder of Trout Unlimited, with whom he’s been fishing for 25 yearsn .