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In the Hotel Lutetia, as on all monday mornings at 6 a.m., we have a staff meeting at the offices of le Mouching. Cyril, rising from his imitation Louis XIV chair, coughed a little, spit and took the floor.

“My dear collaborators, we have a serious situation (he always starts his discourses like that!), the great majority of our readers want articles about equipment, “fishing gear”! Read more…


It’s late and I’m still up even though tomorrow morning the alarm will be cruel, it’s just that I couldn’t let go the new delivey of Revive magazine. The fact is that these guys somehow manage to gather the cream of the cream, in every department: editorial line, writing, pics, even the ads are goods, and I’m usually allergic to that stuff. Go have a look, and make sure you’ve got some time. It’s hard to stop reading.

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Fishing the Monongahela, also called “the Mon” or even was called Mal Engueulé by the french in the 18th centhury, which means, Badly Contained but can also mean Badly Shouted at… So much for confusion, huh! But this pristine river beteween West Virginia and  Pennsylvania is the home of small brook trout and it’s worth all the efforts to be saved restored but mainly because the legend of the Monogahela says that the MAN-FISH lives in it! Thanks to TU for saving the trout AND the man-fish we don’t want them spilled with oil! Click on the picture !



Here’s a healthy dose of the good stuff. Well shot, edited to death, matched with a carefully chosen soundtrack, it’s just a pleasure to watch. And then, you’re left dreaming about that life, in remote and preserved places, where you can actually stop the car along the river when you were coming home with the groceries, take out the flyrod, and catch a handful of wild browns. They’re small, but one doesn’t care. Everything around is beautiful, and the creek’s song is from Tennyson:

For men may come and men may go / But I go on forever.


You want to buid a pop-up house by your favorite river or lake? Or wherever you want? Maybe this is going to be your next house! I wish I had a place to build it on. I love this house! And I can take two friends fishing with me too… 1 615 ft2 is big enough. (they also have a pop up office…) around 270$ for 10 ft2


I love those films, they just show me what I’m dreaming of, I’m at my desk at Le Mouching’s office and there is a guy that comes in my  world telling me there’s a better place for me to be…. I want to go to Gaspésia! I want to fish that salmon! I want to wathc the TV show.


You have enough of those fast action rods? You like “glass” but you want to go back to what fly fishing was, and add todays technique? We beleive Scott Rods has something in the shop for you… Made with Naoki Hashimoto, split-cane Japanese designer, Scott introduces a new serie of bamboo rods called SC (Split Cane), so if you like a smooth peacefull action, here’s the three piece you might want to get! Scott SC


Did it ever happened to you, the sky is getting really dark but you say to yourself, “naaaa, the storm will go away, I’m fine fishing…”? It happened to us all, wether we are fishing in a river, on a lake or on the flats and we see this massive black wall coming to us… we all know that rods and lightnigs are very good friends, but they have a difficult relationship, so we want to avoid being there when they get together. OK, so you’ve seen storms coming to you in you life, just check this one… Kansas City. (Watch full screen!)


Le mouching, fly fishing, aligatorUsually I avoid wedding invitations, baptisms, and other joyous occasions like the plague; except this time it was different. It was the marriage of Mick, 68 years old, a physicist and an old friend; he was marrying the beautiful Marianne, a young specialist of tantric sex.

The wedding was to take place on their property in Niceville Florida, at the edge of a bayou filled with tarpons, redfish, cobias and other legendary fish. Added to that, they were sending us the airplane tickets gratis, you can understand that I threw my scruples and hesitations out the window. Read more…