You’re too hot? Here’s to cool you down!


Six fishermen in a fishing spree in North Island, New Zealand. Breathtaking images, fantastic landscapes and amazing fish! We cannot wait to watch the entire film at the Rise Film Festival!


Why dont you go check Øystein Rossebø ‘s webpage? Trout feeding probably as you have never seen them before! Isn’t it sexy a trout haveing lunch?


Be careful ladies and gentlemen, it’s bad mood time!!! Norbert says stop, and we do the same. No more fish grip for pike and esox fish!!! it’s a fucking shit!! This short footage has been cleverly thought by Norbert Renaud to clearly deliver his message, that is also the one of many fishermen, like us at Le Mouching, we don’t want to see those things on the water anymore. Deliberately exagerated and accompanied by a lovely song by Simon and Garfunkel just to remind that we are not agressive, but, you know, that would be a good thing to reconsider it… we hope that this short movie will invite many fishermen to do the same, this tool is really not appropriate to handle our freshwater fish. A net is much, much better.



Watch out, you’re going to be hit with a southern stick! This  summer issue from Southern Culture On the Fly is dope (SCOF, le #12,)! Not only because our buddy Marc Crapo is in it, but because it’s a sick issue, it’s so phat and juicy, it’ll make your screen sweat! Look at the Poon pictures, they instantly bring you to the tropical waters, oh Lord I’m so excited, I cannot write more, just read it! Suscribe.


Not bad, for a first go at the fly: a nice little stream full of fish, a guide who knows the ropes. I too would probably drop the reel in those conditions, and go the tenkara way…


Flèche and I decided to go fishing in the moutains, in Southern France, but that was without thinking it would rain for a whole week. Rain I said? I should have written stroms and wind! Th temperature went to down from 83 to 54…the rivers turned from gin clear to chocolate colour. We’re home by the fire trying to dry. Fortunatly we have an internet connection, and thanks to Brothers on the Fly, we know that our next fishing trip will be in Lapland! 


First time in TWENTY years that the Colorado river reaches the sea. The Delta is back to life, where was all that water gone? Do we really deserve to loose a part of our life and land for the sake of agriculture. This film is a gem.  


A new voice in the video landscape of the fly, Finnish Teemu Koskelo has talent in spades, a neat sense of photography, and above all a good bag of post-prod tricks. Color balance in particular is often really different and relevant. Go check his other videos on vimeo, I had a hard time chosing one.


It was worth waiting one month! It’s like if being delayed was their trademark, letting us imagine the worst. We all know how press, wether it’s web or print, is fragile and always depending on advertising! For the 1rst of July we can open the June issue! We love it! It’s like going fishing, we don’t really know whether or when the fish is going to bite! But look at that issue! Filled with dreams we never thought of, always surprising us, always taking fly fishing further than we thought! Reading This Is Fly is always a master class of graphic design and lay out, do you really realize you are getting THE BEST for free? How lucky are we? Standards are changing everyday in the fly fishing world and the new standards are often set by those guys. Enjoy, and send them an email to show your gratitude!