FIrst journey aver on Le CanalWorld Angling new film “90 miles”. 90 miles,  is the distance between Key West and Cuba, that stretch of water that makes a whole difference and that fish don’t really care about. Well we hope “it was” the stretch of water that “made” the difference… we’re all ears to the forecoming events on the blockade situation, since it seems to be seriously moving on! Anyway, the fishing pressure in Cuba is much less than anywhere in the Carribeans,  and specially in Las Salinas de San Lazaro. At the southern part of the island, a couple of hours away from Havana was an army territory that just opened three years ago to fly fishing, thanks to the hard work of Fabrizio Barbazza, a former F1 pilote who has been leading fly fishing operations in Cuba for over 15 years now. But San Lazaro is different form any other place I’ve been in the Island, there was no way the sheltered flats of San Lazaro could be accesible by boat from the neartown of Playa Larga, first it was far (nearly 2 hours by boat) and if the weather was rough, you couldn’t go from the open sea… and there was no road in the jungle. So Fabrizio looked at the maps, made inquieries among the old people from the area, and what he found was…amazing! In the 19th and begining of the 20th centhury, people in Havana needed charcoal to cook. Welch imigrants would take care of that, so they logged wood in the jungle of Matanzas, and made charcoal, the problem was to bring that charcoal from the forest to the shore so boats could pick it up and take it to Havana. What they did was amazing, they opened by hand several canals as if they were building roads accross the mangrove to deliver the charcoal to the sea wher ebigger boats would pick it up. Fabrizio re-opened the 6 miles main canal (several month of work by hands) and rebuild the old locks so the tides would not stop the boats. The canal is now wide enough so the skiffs can use it and bring you to what I know as the best place on earth to fly fish! Bones, Permit, Jacks, Cudas, Tarpon are waiting for you. The first time we fished there, the bonefish were running to our flies to check what it was ! And for the past three years it has been opened San Lazro has been more than generous to the fly fishermen. World Angling is asking your help to finish the film they have been shotting there while on a Bonefish & Tarpon Trust trip (Lazaro, the main guide is BTT’s man in Cuba) so join the kickstarter and do what you can so they finish that film to help us discover this amazing place! Maybe soon you’ll be able to fish there? You could go through with our dear friends from Planet Fly Fishing which have exclusive distribution shared with Solid Adventures..


Le Mouching, fly fishing, N.first streetIn October, in New York, it can still be summer. The leaves of the trees turn red like the cheeks of lady bugs, the girls offer us their tanned legs and when they ride their bikes down Bedford Avenue, one wants to install oneself  on the sidewalk in a chaise long, to comfortably watch them pass.

On one of these magnificent days, Herman, my good Puerto Rican friend,  made me an irresistible proposition.

“OK Fleche… go and get your fishing rod and we’ll head out to Jamaica Bay on the Metro.  I know a spot… and this is a spot where even Junior never tossed in a line.”

You can imagine that I didn’t hesitate and less than 10 minutes later I was waiting at the corner of Bedford Avenue and North First Street with a fly rod under my arm and all of the stuff that goes with it. Read more…


And this is Xmas… Are you ready to cry? Are you ready to watch films so beautiful they’ll make you want to go fishing instantly? Well, get ready for the International Fly Fishing Festival 2015 aka IF4.2015. So after Marc Crapo’s Bermuda Love Triangle, here are some goodies! If you have the luke to be close to a theatre where it’s scheduled, book now!

“Distracted”: By Western Waters Media

“Recapture”: By Mike Percelli

“Sensei”: By Vantage Point Media House and Fly Fusion Films


Wonderland! Our friends from Hooké have just released  probably one of the best Xmas gift you’ll have this year: a 20 minutes film on fihsing the Ungava bay! For now, here’s the trailer, but you can book your tickets to see it in full at the International Fly Fishing Film Fest if you are in Northern America, but if you are elsewhere, be patient. In the meantime Enjoy!


Water games from Ravel by Martha Argerich, on a fly fishing film dedicated to nature! That’s a change from drum/bass, hip hop, country, trip hop music that are always sticked to our favorite fishing films. If you really like Ravel, I recommend from pianist Hélène Grimaud, the amazing Adagio assai from Concerto in G Major. It might bring tears to your eyes it is so beautiful.


Our friend Norbert Renaud, famous pike fly tyer, is just coming back from Costa Rica. We believe he had some fun…


Here comes Peches Sportives #102, probably the only fishing magazine who really cares about the water the fish are swimming in… This issue is great, it’s giving us all the tips to practice “Street Fishing”, spinning or on the fly! A list of 100 spots in French cities, very useful. If you come over here, bring a rod in your bag!Peches Sportives  102


This film is bliss. Bliss because no one telling us what they do or what we should do. Bliss, because the music suites the film. Bliss because it’s summertime and that we freeze our balls off. Bliss because it’s so well shot you feel the water, you’re touching it. But PLEASE START AT 0:43!!!! You better skip theopening credits which are a real headache, (sorry for We Fish for Fun).