British Columbia

The Pitt River, BC, Canada, you’l be so obsessed with it you’ll  wake you up at night, Steelhead, bears, freindship, amazing landscapes. Just what we love.

Music – Wildcat! Wildcat! – Please and Thank You
Music – Washed Out – New Theory (RAC Mix)

Adios, San Clemente dam

It’s always more than just a fight for nature’s rights to have a dam removed, so when it happens we really have to shout it out, the San Clemente Dam is down so Californian Steelhead can travel free! We should all fight against dams who get in the way of wild fish, this is a proof, thanks to TU and all the others organizations involved, that it’s not impossible! Please if there is an organization around you (or in your country or even abroad) who’s fighting for letting the way for migratory fish, help them out! Wind turbines can provide as much electriciy as an old dam. Hurray for San Clemente!

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Wild Rivers

How much do we love our rivers? How deep is our love for them? They give us all the joy we need, they are our source of happiness, but beyond that, how many of them are really wild and don’t suffer from men’s action, agriculture, mining, industries….very few, at least in Europe. Unfortunatly for a lot of rivers it’s too late or too expensive or complicated to go back to what they were, but for the others, the few ones that are totaly wild, they need our help, they need our protection, and who better than anyone else is a fisherman to take action for those wild rivers? Join Rivières Sauvages, we start here in France, then it’ll be Europe and then it might eventualy be all the wild rivers of the world that we could protect! Take action. We showed the trailer a few years ago, now it’s the entire film.

Scale #18

At eighteen, you can do whatever you do, you have k now reached the age of experiments, you can go wild and make your own mistakes, no one is there for backup anymore, and at eighteen there is that inner strentgh that no one else has, the world is yours and everything is available, you just have to go and get it! So happy #18 Scale Magazine! And this issue (as every Scale issue) rocks! As usual it’s offering us the best of both worlds, and that’s why we love it! But watch out because in Southern Europe and soon on a larger scale, more kids are leaving lures to embrace fly fishing! Anyway, you want to have fun and enjoy a real adventure? Read it!


Guns and flyrods

Winter is coming, as we all know (and are kindly reminded in the northern parts of France a little more often that we care for). And there’s plenty to look forward to in the cold months of the year: colds, girls in Halloween disguises, painful bus rides in the cold dark morning, x-mas mass hysteria, but especially an opportunity to take the guns out and go for a ride on the white slopes of your favorite mountains. There’s good fishing too, where the lakes are not frozen. Films with snowboard and fly fishing together and few and far between, but I’m especially fond of them, they show a special connection between seemingly very distant ways to enjoy nature.

Bonus: the Creedance Clearwater Revival in the soundtrack.

Carol and the waves

Carol is 82. She could well be my grandmother, and she could well be hanging in one of these places you’re supposed to go when you’re old. Instead of that she’s living the Life. Rides her bike to the beach. She gets naked, dives into the waves. Soak up sun through every pore of her old, wrinkled, hanging, yet beautiful skin. And she’s a living protest against all kind of silly notions about what we’re supposed to do and be. She’s a lady, she’s the sister of Maude. I think I’m in love.

Glasses made of fishnet

You know how we care for our oceans, for the animals who live in them therefore we always have an eye on everything that sounds or looks helpfull to save or protect nature. And today we want to introduce you to one of the best kickstrter there is this week: Bureo. Bureo is known for skateboards made of fishnets but today Bureo is lauching a new product : Glasses made from recycled fishnets! Isn’t that a cool idea? Lenses are Karl Zeiss Polarized, nets are from coast of Chili, project is great!

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We love Sweden

And here we go! Another slow motion movie for your week end, lucky viewers. All that we love about going North, North of Sweden of course, where trout are big and playfull and where insects are by the thousands (even the blood sucking ones… but when you fish, who really cares?