1000 casts

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Step, swing, cast
Step, swing, cast
Step, swing, cast

Just like a self induced transe, hypnotic rythm and a dance with the cold, the winter steelheader’s soul drifts along the river, maybe in search of the fish, maybe in search of that inner limit, that last cast, the one that will send you home maybe broken but not tamed…

North American fishermen are worried. Even legendary waters like the Thompson, which flows through British Columbia, are threatened. Fishermen of the world, UNITE. Those rivers belongs to our kids, we must take care of them. For they too should come to the winter shores to test their mettle and find their truth.

What goes, what stays

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Life’s all about change, and sometimes change will hurt. In such times, if you are lucky, you’ll get in touch with the deeper parts of your soul, those very simple parts where the slow tempo of bamboo casting, the sound and feel of a cold stream, the lively pull of an angry trout all come together to remind you that you are alive, and that whatever eats you now, as everything else, will eventually go with the flow.

A very nice movie by Movi-Media, great story telling if you can get past the initial awkwardness of this manly intimacy, that is…

Cooking for Pike

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Get to the kitchen, today, you’re le cook and french chef Norbert Renaud is your teacher! How lucky you are, have you ever been cooking for Mr & mrs Pike? They will be your very special guests, but before serving the meal, you’ll have to cook the main course! Chef Norbert is a great chef, he’s also very relax so you’ll have the luck to learn on the rythm of Funky Drummer, and godfather James Brown will support you through your cooking lesson! Ready? Oh! your pan? But it’s the vise! Let’s start cooking the Gandalf!

Fly fishing at Filson’s

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Jackets, vests, bags, liners, we know Filson for the quality of their products, there are no waders anymore, but their Fly Fishing collection has a lot to offer! FIlson

Since 1993

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Good films don’t need us to write anything about them, they speak for themselves, specially when they are made to make you buy more stuff! But it’s always good to know where and how we spend our $€¥£!! In that field Patagonia leeds the way…

Season’s fly

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Probably one of the best fly there is for early season (and also worth having in your box all year long). At Le Mouching, we watch a lot of tutorials for fly tying, we only select a few not because we don’t like fly tying but because we feel that we can only post the best and shooting a fly being tied requires shooting skills not everybody has, so here it is for you, grab your neighbor’s turkey and still a feather, you are goinf to need it, here’s the Hendrickson Double Dun by The Fly Patch!

I never lie

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The cruel reality of fly fishing…

Chocolate Jesus

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jesus-f-startEaster is coming faster than we think and our master of ceremony the venerable James Stewart from Palmwine Records, comes with a mixtape that is going to make all the easter bunnies want to dance like crazies! Hey hold on, its a cool mixtape, the kind you can listen to with all the lights off and dancing with your girlfriend, it’s hot! SOme say that listening to that mixtape makes you catch more fish! As usual to listen to Chocolate Jesus, it’s THAT WAY  and if you want to download it (higly recommanded) go THIS WAY! Ok I let you work this out, I’m climbing back on my desk to dance!


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