Victorinox Farmer

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Farmer VictorinoxThe Farmerwe don’t know why it’s called the Farmer, coming from the country side I’ve never seen any farmer carrying one… but it’s like everything, it’s part of the dream, when you carry that knife in your pocket at the office or just hold it in your hand it’s an open ticket to your wildlife dreams! Nevertheless, We love this knife, simple, elegant and yet usefull, with all the blades you’ll need. Get it, you’ll instantly be in the countryside! Can you feel the wind in your face and the smeel of moss around you, can you hear the birds and the river down below ? You’ve got a Farmer’s knife!

Ricardo Dos Santos

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He was the “king of the tubes”. He was 25. Ricardniho. Shot in the street.

Fly Fishing in Iceland

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Great teaser from Benoit de Vilmorin for Fly Fishing in Iceland, it just makes us want to stop whatever we’re doing and head to the land of snow and fire to have fun with Atlantic salmon and trout! From all the feedback we have, Gummi, the owner is a hell of a nice guy to fish with!

Allen, the Exterus Ebb bags

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Here’ they are the Allen Exterus Ebb series fishing bags, we don’t know much about them if not the sizes and prices, but we are used to Allen gear, we know it’s tough and relatively cheapper than other brands. They look great, all we want is to get our hands on! Chest pack, lumbar bag, two different sizes sling bags (one normal, one large), ranging from 80$ to 130$, we just want to use them, stash them with our gear and treat them bad to test them!

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Guides, fly fishing guides.

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“…Guiding is a totally different thing from fishing, ” That very simple sentence makes the whole difference. That’s probably why there are some “guides” and some “good guides”! Guiding requires much more than just knowing how to fish, it requires something much bigger than that, it requires being able to share, to be humble and caring! That’s why it’s difficult to be a good guide…it requires human skills that very few humans have. That’s why we love guides, that’s why we always take a guide whereever we go because it’s much more than fishing, we love guides and we cannot wait to watch this documentary : Through The Guides !

Punta Allen from above

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Our friend Alain Morizot give us as a greeting card : some bird’s views from Punta Allen, Mexico (This is not a fly fishing film)! I always wanted to take a drone while fishing the flats but I was always afraid of two things. First that the drone would crash in the water, second that the drone, or its shadow, would spook the fish…. I cannot wait to see Alain’s next film to see how he managed to avoid that! But I have a question, for a lot of  filmmakers: Why on earth do you have to put Teutonic Knights music on your videos?

The Key safe

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We all had the experience: “I go down the river, you go up, I’ll leave the car keys on top of the tire”… we’ve all done it, but then we think.. Hmmmm I’ve left all my money in the car, my cell phone and there is 67 983$ worth of gear…. So you go back to the car and you take your key with you, but your fishing buddy comes back before you and waits for… well we all know this kind of stories, but that’s long gone! Let’s use what all surfers are using a “Key Safe“!!! It’s great ! you stash your key in it, you share the code with your friend, you lock the safe under the car and everyone is happy! prbably one of the best investment you can do!

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The real Burger

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We all love burgers (who wouldn’t?) I’m talking about real burgers, the ones you prepare with love, the ones evryone’s cooking on the grill with your friends around. The Burgers of Love!  Here’s the bibleBig Book of Burgers