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We’re told there was a solid South-West swell on Teahupoo Tahiti recently. Orange code swell. And that, my friends, means a freaking lot of fast moving water. Have a look at the locals riding the beast, it’s just crazy…


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Ever heard of milkfish? No? Clearly not a name conjuring racing cars images like GT. Apparently the name is misleading, though. Those Chanos chanos guys turn out to be crazy turbocharged mofos that will simply kick your sorry ass if you’re not really well prepared for all sorts of abuse. Need I mention my bucket list just went one item longuer? How does one get to that St François Atoll again?

More on silk

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Today’s our readers day, it seems. Simon shared a while ago how he’s been spanked by a guy using silk (yeah, he’s into this) and a guy named Flydream shows up in the coms, and shares with us a great piece of knowledge. Aren’t you guys fantastic?

yellowlineI would like to relate my 15 years experience about natural silk.
Natural silk is:
- more flexible
- Absolutely NO memory
- it’s thinner, less obvious, and most important, it’s more efficient into the wind at equivalent weight
By contrast,You have to be able to maintain it. Read more…

Dry or die!

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How deep is your love for dry fly? How far are you ready to go?

We’ve got mail

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Sometimes a friend takes the time to write us a letter. It’s always a pleasure to read from you, but this one is really special. It’s so well written I had to translate it and share it with you. This is our dope, the very reason we do all this. Thank you, Nico. You made our day.

Heya le Mouching, 

for all this, I sort of blame you, you know? For Friday’s car, full of not that much, that zooms towards the Aubrac, even if it wasn’t the plan at all. 

For the fishing license, bought in a junk joint in Aumont-Aubrac and ten minutes later wetting my feet in the Rimeize, even if it was too warm to fish a dry on it. A phone call at Remise, just a hair short of sunstroke, to ask if by any chance they wouldn’t have a room left. And you know it well, le Mouching : Bes_recoules_d'aubraca cool beer on Remise’s terrace, just to show the heatwave who’s the boss. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.  Read more…

River Borgund and Lotte Aulom

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River Borgund in Norway, home of beautiful trout, fed with enormous mayflies, that’s wher you want to go. At least this is where Lotte Aulom went!

Small streams

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Do you know anything that brings you happiness more than fishing free ? In little streams, walking your way up in the forest, in the shadow of the trees, up that little stream where size won’t matter but to be fast enough to set the hook on a small trout will be bliss? We love that, we love small streams, we just love it!

Parachute tricho

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Summer, low water, hard conditions… Usually there will be tricho hatches somewhere. I wouldn’t leave home without some in my box. A quick and neat way to tie them by Tightlines. I probably would not start the antron post like this, but that’s just me.