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The Soča in Slovenia is a magnificent river for trout and grayling fishing. Looking at this video from the guys at Fisher KG, I’m beamed there again, feeling the powerful flow against my thighs, mesmerized by the incredible blue of the water, changing by the minute with every cloud, every gust of wind, with the slow movement of the sun. The fish, everywhere. The white rocks. I remember when I was standing exactly where they are, body and mind deep into the river. And then I remember the verses a poet wrote, a morning of August 1916, bathing in the Soča which was then one of the temple of death, the sacred grounds for the mass murders of the first world war.

Questo è l’Isonzo / E qui meglio / Mi sono riconosciuto / Una docile fibra / Dell’universo**

This is the Soča and there I best knew myself as a docile fibre of the universe.

Is there anything fitting better the fly fisherman and his line?

**  Giuseppe Ungaretti, I fiumi in L’Allegria Vita d’un uomo. Tutte le poesie, Mondadori, 2005.


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That river is more than a river, it’s amost human, almost like a woman, so we’ll say “she” for it. She has temper, sometimes quiet, sometimes rough, we could say she has moodswings, but in either case, she’s beautiful and you could fall easily in love with her. She will give back your love not with kisses but with fish, with salmon.

SALT 365

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Salt water fishing 365 days/year…. Southern California, where you never know what you’re gonna get! There ain’t nothing like salt water fly fishing, they say, it’s true that salt water fish gives you a jolt no other fish does!


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Trout, Catfish, Seatrout, Perch, Barbel and Pike, Sound like a song…or a restaurant’s menu! It’s Nacho’s playing friends. If you ever go to Spain, try go fish with him, he on ly goes for BIG fish! And for those who are sending us mail saying there are too many Hero Shots in the fly fishing world, we agree, those one are probably the last one we post.

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The guys from Catch My Fly go streching their lines in Bosnia.


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You want to catch BIG trout? They sure like streamers… Here’s your Sunday film, Obsession by , a season catching big trout in Oregon. Fifteen minutes of happyness.


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There it is, a few feet away, you don’t want to scare that fish, it a BIG fish, you’ve been hicking hours, you are tensed, you need a steady arm, your feelings, all that goes through your mind, should not interfere. Ok, but, do you have the right fly, what about all the things you don’t control?  Dave and Amelia Jensen proove us once more that the joy of fly fishing is something so hard to explain to the non fisher, what we really feel is indiscriptable.


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At last! Youguys remember when we talked about Waypointslatest COnfluence’s film? Well, now you can watch it on your screen through Vimeo on Demand! I’m sorry I can’t write anything else, I have a film to watch! Waypoints