Narcos Mix

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NArcos mixIf you haven’t seen Narcos yet you’re missing something, it’s probably the best reason to suscribe to Netflix, an amazing series written by Chris Brancato, the life of Pablo Escobar (played by the charismatic Wagner Moura ) and the Medelin Cartel. You can imagine that the soundtrack will be tropical and it is! but instead of giving you the tracks just like that, enjoy this mixtape NARCOS MIX by Lobito Brigante: Noarcos Mix, it’s been playing at the office nonstop for the past weeks! Enjoy. As usual, you listen to the mixtape HERE and you paste the address of the same mixtape THERE to download it, EZPZ.

Aevig Corvid, fishermen’s time

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That’s new enough so we talk about it. no it’s not another watch, this watch just might be the perfect watch for fly fishermen, not only it looks pretty cool but it’s tough enough you can wear it anywher, it’s of course waterproof, the crystal is a real crystal, the mechanic is a Swiss Analog quartz movement and… the winder is on the other side of the watch so the line never get stuck under it! And don’t tell me it never happened to you… And it’s cheap. A must, Christmas being only a couple of month away.. You can find it on Escapads, the website for people who like outdoors more than their life at the office. The watch comes in several colours and with a luminescent back or needles who are really luminescent, you’ll know what time it is even in the dark hours by the river! You can choose the Aevig Corvid in Brushed steel or the Aevig Corvid Stealth black metal

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La Catedral

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La Catedral, for those who know is a compulsary stop in Buenos Aires, of of the best clubs to dance and have fun, not one of those places specialy made for turist with Tango for lamers, no, La Catedral is the place where you find the Portenian youth with good live music, fantastic dj’s and terrific food. So when I saw that our friends from Jazz & Fly Fishing made a film with that name, I was thrilled. This film like the night club is one of a kind, a jewel from the image to the music, and the editing, so romantic, so beautiful you want to cry. Please, please, give us other films like this one, it is bliss.

Prelude Saudade (Augustin Barrios Mangoré), performed by our good friend Jørgen Skogmo

Tight lines lads…

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England is now out of the Rugby World Cup… So I decided to call my English friend, David, to support him in this dark moment. Well he was really shocked by this sudden ending, and almost crying he told me You can’t imagine the disaster it is, there will be some terrible consequences! I supposed so the tabloids will destroy the poor Captain image. No, absolutely not, even worst! The Queen herself will sent national coach Lancaster in the Tower of London? I ‘m afraid it will be again even worst my friend… Then I asked David to relax, take a cup of tea, I imagined him in the soft atmosphere of his living room, with some old-fashioned wall carpet around, holding nervously the mural phone… He drank a bit of his hot drink and blew this answer: When you think those 30 lads are now free for the rest of the competition… They all will go for fishing Manatane! Crowding our rivers! God dam ‘it I did not supposed that, he were right I guess, cause what is better to change your mind after such a shock? Graylings have to stay fit to resist those big arms!

I simply  wish them a friendly Tight lines!


Simms and Casting for Recovery

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Simms has always been involved in helping out Casting for Recovery. This year they are supporting by giving all their profit on a decidcated special gear to help those recovering from brest cancer and helping prevetion. It’s probably the best time for you to by this special Flexfit cap or that pair of nippersimms-casting-for-recovery

Blitzkrieg Bop

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You thought flyfishing for dudes that could have been younger than your grand parents? You’ve got it wrong! Here’s to shake a little, blitzkrieg in the everglades! It’s always good to llisten to the Ramones form time to time.

Peacock Bass

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How more exotic can it get, figure out, Peter Husted from Denmark joins Chris Helt in Florida to go fishing for Peacock bass, isn’t that international fly fishing friendship? We should all do the same kind of trips! When are you guys coming to fish with us in Europe? Guys we love internet and social medias, it binds people together!

Water’s Edge Media + Spooled Reels


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This fish is an Obsession…