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Every time I watch one of ‘s films, the same thing happens, I am calm, serene, relaxed, and in total communion with what I am watching on the screen, while with many other fly fishing films, most of the time, I’m just watching fishermen having fun. With Luke’s films, I am in that river, I am casting, I feel the current, I hear the birds, I feel the rod in my hand and I strike when the trout gets the fly. It’s magical! Magical as those rivers we discover on Luke’s films.


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Come with us, we’re back up North, in Norway, with André Folkedal for even more wild rivers and beautiful rising fish.


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C’mon, just tell me you can think about twelve pounds of angry salmon rising to a dry fly without getting a fever. Salmon on a dry, man.


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All the ones who know Peter Laurelli were wondering what he was doing? He’s been silent for so long, we are all craving his films now the stripped bass season is about to start. But Peter was on his Stand Up Paddle having fun with bass. And his SUP is a french one ! Designed by our good friend and Mouching ambassador Renaud Gohin owner of HPA products. We’re so proud.

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In 1998, hurricane Mitchell wipe out the coast of the Island of Guanaja, Honduras, today, Fly Fish Guanaja, with the help of the Student Work Program, is re planting that mangrove, collecting seeds, growing young plants in tree nurseries, helping the mangrove to go back were it was once. Without mangrove, we have no fish, no birds, no underwater life, life dies and the island would only be rocks, dead coral and sand. Fantastic adventure to restore the habitat of snook, permit, tarpon and, bonefish! You’re a student, I’m sure you can find out and go help! Learn more : Fly Fish Guanaja 


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Tell those dogs there are no catfish in there!  Have you ever seen such happy dogs? I want to go fishing with those dogs in that river,  Luna and Flapjack! 


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Another film about friendship, fishing, Scandinavia, and childhood memories. What better way could there be to start the week?


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Le mouching, fly fishing, pêchemiraculeuseWe just opened this letter sent by Mister Louis Daur, rue Pure Sinistre, Longwy (98)

Dear Mouching,
Whenever my wife (Jeanne) gives me permission to open your blog, it is a delight without equal. In spite of my sparse knowledge of fly fishing (just two weeks of practice), I find basic information the makes me a better man and lover without equal (according to Jeanne who only rarely fakes a much wished for orgasm).

When I go to my favorite river I am generally in the company of Gerard L., Raymond G., and Lucien T., all excellent fishermen. For them fly fishing is a diversion for perverse homosexuals from the sticks, in no case a means of putting food on the table to please the neighbors. Read more…


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You’re feeling tired? You need a littel actino to wake you up? Maybe this will do! Let”s go to Botswana with the crazies from Geobass and see how it is to bend some rods in Africa!


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A camper, a bunch of friends, summer days by the river and the easy living, what else do we want? Or better what else do we need? As long as we have fish to play with, even if it’s small trout, we cannot mesure our happyness, it is always bigger than what we expect! Brothers on the Fly, you’ve made my day with this film.