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Hurry up, Xmas is around the corner! Last day to order your shirts and get free stickers! and if the postman is not lazy you have all the chances to get your order before Xmas ! Make your choice!Mouching shop


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Who’s crazy enough to stay all season guiding in Alaska? Well…here’s the answer, you can find them at Yantarni!


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Water games from Ravel by Martha Argerich, on a fly fishing film dedicated to nature! That’s a change from drum/bass, hip hop, country, trip hop music that are always sticked to our favorite fishing films. If you really like Ravel, I recommend from pianist Hélène Grimaud, the amazing Adagio assai from Concerto in G Major. It might bring tears to your eyes it is so beautiful.


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Cheap, useful, smart and pretty, what else? You can give anawesome present with the Tibor Keychain for 25$, it comes engraved with our favorite fish: trout, salmon, tarpon, bass, permit, bonefish, rooster fish, dorado, snook, redfish, albacore, sailfish, pike…and in three colours, black, blue or metal gold. En you can have it engraved with the text of your choice! A must!

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Marylin MonroeMarilyn Monroe, everytime I go fishing I always dream I am going to go fishing with her. Her beauty was mind blowing. But that’s not all, today, since Xmas is right across the corner, we’ll treet you more than usual. Look at her, and what about that film with Arthur Miller, just that is worth all the fly fishing movies we’ve showed you, doesn’t it makes you want to go fishing for stripped bass in the Hamptons? . ANd if you were looking for a Xmas present idea, why don’t you ask for a dvd of The Misfits


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Lucky ones, yes, you are the lucky ones, more than half an hour of Salmon FIshing in BC, From Oslo, Norway to the rivers of British Columbia a bunch of friends have a great time and they made an awesome film! Check it out!


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If Napoleon hadn’t been such a (can we say douche?) we would be fishing French Red Fish in Louisiana, but he sold it with the city of New Orleans for 15 M $! (5 for Louisiana, 10 for New Orleans… and he did it without asking the French Congress… what’s done is done… luckely the zydeco and the Cajun music is still there ! How lucky you are to go fishing in the marsh for Red Fish…if only… we could do it too…


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Great reel, great value! We had the luck to test the Allen Kraken in Cuba earlier this year and for what we did with it’s a great reel. Great for several reasons, it’s light, it stops a fish’s run, it’s reasonably priced and it’s good looking! We’ve used it for Bonefish, and Jacks, two species that like to make a run once they are hooked. Bones over 6 pounds are common in San Lazaro, Cuba, where we used the reel and it was not a problem for the Kraken. We used it on a Sage Xi3 #8 and it balanced perfectly the rod. Hard to beat for under 200$!

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