In the desert

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Sometimes we complain it is too hot, but there are places where you get used to that heat, places where you learn to get up early for the morning rises and go fishing in the evening too because there are the only moments where you can do it. Because there is life, there is water and if there is water there is fish. This film has a fantastic pace, is it the Kodachrome colour of the picture ? Is it the music ? I couldnt tell what it is but it’s beautiful.

White throated dipper

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Rolf Nylinder is back with a little gem in his pocket: two minutes about this incredible little bird who swims as well as it flies. Nothing about fishing there, except what’s pulsating at its heart: our ability to marvel again and again at everything we see on the river.

Mouching Shop

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Sorry but we are closing down our Mouching shop to come back very soon with plenty of surprises! You want us to keep you posted? Write down your email address and be the first one to know what we’re up too!

Mouching Shop

Marley’s Land

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Crooked IslandSometimes bad luck takes over. And so our fishing trip on the paradisiacal Crooked Island came to a screeching halt at the get-go when a ferocious mosquito so rudely shared his Dengue Fever with my wife. We convalesced together under the cooling fan at the lodge and fulfilled our island yearning by listening to some old Marley tunes which led us to this old blue series III Land Rover from 1977.

The Maisonneuve carp.

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Le mouching, fly fishing, carpeI was just about to stick my fork into a wing of the Garlic Chicken that my adorable wife had cooked up for me when the telephone rang, it stopped my salivating which had reached the point of escaping my mouth.

“Hello Flèche, it’s your neighbor, Pierre… can you come over in a hurry? It’s a matter of life or death!”

“Be generous with your neighbor, one never knows!”, so goes the Finnish proverb. I quickly put aside the chicken wing not having the courage to battle, at day’s end, with nordic proverbs. Read more…


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There are plenty of valuable lessons here. One of them is that one should go on adventures with a fly rod. Another one is that when you have decided of the time, you have the spot, and the means to get to the fish, then you’ll realize that you’re out of excuses, and when things go pear shaped, and they most probably will, then you’re the only one left to blame. A situation I’m pretty familiar with, which usually leads to lots of choice words. So practice your casting. A lot. And train to strip set. And more casting. And have a handy list of curse words of choice. When you’ll f*ck up — you will — at least it’ll be interesting to hear.

Big thanks to Justin Dobson for Big Bill Broonzy and this hilarious video.

Gentle and dry

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I touched base a few hours ago, my mind full of Irish dreams, of green pastures and low stone walls, of ancient rocks and limestone rivers, of black water where the lake goes deep, where the pikes lie and there’s a fiddle in the wind. My arm is sore from ten hours a day on the ten weight, yet I’m already drawn into the next dream. Before I hit even harder the twelve for Normandie’s sharks, I strive for something delicate, something gentle like this caddis hatch on a river in the woods, beautifully caught by Bartek Kopacz and Marcin Zgrzywa. Perfect cut.

The hard

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Yesterday, it was pike fishing the tough way. Inchiquin lake has an impressive population of good fish, both pike and trouts, but it can be a bitch too, especially when Ireland decides to do a winter number in April. Like 8°C with fierce wind, heavy rain and hail. We fought with everything we have for 10 hours, fighting the gale to get the huge streamers where we thought the fish were, trying and failing to keep warm, trying and generally not doing a great job at understanding where the pike were. We saw few and caught two before before admitting defeat.

Then we took the blue MouchingMobile to see the sun setting over the cliffs in front of the Aran Islands. And went to eat lobsters at Linnane’s in New Quay. If anything, just to remember that it doesn’t need  to be that hard, all the time.

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