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Portrait of the artist as a drown branch.


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Our friends from Quebec are going on an Salmon expedition to Gaspé. It’s just what we love, friends, roadtrip, easy living and fishing ! To get english subtitles, press on the CC link at the bottom right corner of the vimeo screen.

“ I don’t expect them to get very far.” Ron Bourdages’ words echoed through our blurry mind as we climbed aboard the Hooké Van after a solid film projection party at Cimes Adventures. We were quite a bit hangover, we had a gap in our driving shaft but all you could smell in the Hooké Van was confidence. We were on our way to Gaspé, to fish the Falls of the Dartmouth River, we had a lot to hope upon. We finally got installed and had a quiet night before leaving for the pool at dawn. Arrived on the spot, Phil and Fred had a nasty Rock-Paper-Scissors war. Victorious, Fred got the honour to make the first cast in the raging river. This is where everything started for us, when he lost his first salmon of three. This day will remain one of the craziest we’ve lived on a salmon river with all the salmons, good moments and failures it includes. We’re glad to present you with this first part and hope you will enjoy it as much as we do. Keep following us, the second part is coming very soon!”

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For some of you, Solid Advenutres doesn’t mean a thing, others know it’s one of the best fishing travel company with exclusive destinations, but what the major part of people don’t know is that behind Solid Adventures, there is a man, the man who created Loop, the charismatic Christer Sjöberg! Christer has new ideas and projects all the time and the bags are his latest one! Christer being a traveler and an entrepeneur you can be sure that you will get the best!  This is the Destiantion 130 bag, sepcially designed for your fishing trips, every compartment is made to ease you life, and the bottom part is made to receive your precious rods (9ft 4 pieces) and reels. they come at 545$. All specs HERE !

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Easy long summer days on the Umpqua river, what more do you need, a bunch of friends, adventure, small fish to play with…It’s summertime! This film summs it all. We love it.


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Off course some will always tell you that you have to fish with a guide to get the best of your fishing trip, but you can also DIY… Let’s go Bahamas!


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There is a website I love to visit, Everyday-carry, part because of voyeurism, part for curiosity. Their lay out is great, sober and esthetic. It’s a webpage that some might not find very usfefull but I find a lot of inspiration by scrolling its pages. Do like us and check what’s in the others people pockets and bags, what everyone is carrying daily. Should we do the same on Le Mouching and post what flyfishermen have with them all the time?



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F3THey! Here’s the page where you are able to watch all the trailers from Fly Fishing Film Tour 14, if you’re lucky enough to have the Film Tour not too far from you, you are going to have a hell of a night! Just GO ! Sorry if your not in the US or in Canada… but you still can watch a few films from teh previous editions here. And just for your pleasure, here’s 320 trailer.


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Allen FamilyThe Allen family wishes you happy summer holiday!


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If gold diggers hikking to the Klondike would have had those Filson bags, it would have made their live easyer. But it’s never too late! You can have yours eased by that new edition of waterproof bags! You’ll keep your stuff dry, well the first one, the Dry Messenger Bag is not 100% waterproof as the others are, the Dry Back Pack will help you to hike under severe weather. The  Duffle bags , coming in 3 different sizes will keep your gear dry in the back of your truck or in the canoe or on the tarmac.

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Le-mouching-fly-fishing-colonialeAnton Schwartz was an old childhood friend. We often made fun of him and called him “Anton Noire” (children can be so cruel). When he was young he happily sowed his wild oats but his  encounters with the justice forced him to join the Colonial forces where he brought honor to France. All of our colonies in Africa (center and north), in Asia (Tonkin, Viet Nam and others that I won’t even mention), held no secrets for my friend.  He could tell you stories for hours, his voice often breaking with emotion. One day he invited me to the “Mousmee” bar where he the following story. “My dear Fleche, like  you, I am crazy about fly fishing;  it’s a most instructive passtime and I have a story that I think you’ll appreciate. It took place ages ago on my return from the war of Tonkin.calvitie copie On the shores of the Red River I had  fallen  head over heels in love with a delicious native whose singular name was “Long-Long”. She was an magnificent local specimen and I brought her back to France along with the whole tribe of her brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts and all the rest; you can take  it from me… that was an enormous pack of yellows! It will come as no surprise to you  that the surpassing culinary passion of these people is for fish. They consume enormous quantities of fish morning, noon and  night. You can well understand that given the prohibitive prices of these acquatic beasts, whose freshness in our sinister french fish markets was relative, that these poor asiatics were in tears. And Fleche, you know me, you can imagine how the chagrin of these people broke my heart and gave me considerable, unexpected, inventive resources to render life supportable for my friends…. I am certainly, first of all, a christian. Well, it’s no secret that the women in that part of the world possess hair of an uncommon finess, length and solidity. Read more…