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This is obviously the next fly fishing “niche”, a lot of kids are coming to fly fishing because they love the gear and the philosophy, but many of us do’nt have the luck to live by clear streams filled with trouts, and carp is just the most comon fish, you find it everywere. So ther’s no better playground than a river full of carp and you you think it’s an easy fish to catch, these beasts are picky and pull like a tractor once you hooke them! Great film, lot’s of fun, let’s go carpin’


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We had no news from our friend Peter Christensen for a while, I was wondering where he was. And today, I received this…. It’s probably the best film I have seen this year so far. (sorry for the others) Amazing shooting, great editing, perfect soundtrack, the sensation of being there with them in Nicaragua is awesome! This should be a longer film, tell me it’s only the teaser? Peter, there is more coming, right? (watch full screen and loud!)


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If you ever wonder why Le Mouching is sponsoring the French Female Fly Fishing Championship, just watch that film, you’ll find the answer!

As in a dream

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Sea trout as in a dream, you don’t know if it’s realy happening, you wake up, you find scales in your bed. Where is reality?

Howler Bros

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Opening season in the Laurentides

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Our friends for Hooké are back on the tracks for a new season that(s bring us joy, envy and many good films!

For the beginning of the fly fishing season in Quebec, we traveled to the Laurentides region, at Cécaurel outfitters to try and catch a landlocked salmon. This clip features four days of great efforts through rain, wind, sunburns and intense cold to finally end up catching the “big ouananiche” we were looking for!

Wet, and happy

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Sometimes you’ve been waiting for this since so long that when the time comes, you just throw away your last bit of good sense and just jump in like a fool. And that works for fishing too, as Håvard Stubø demonstrates skilfully. If you are lucky, you’ll end up wet, and happy.

Arctic Char from Greenland

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You don’t need to be dressed up as a model from fly fishing brands to have fun, what I mean is that you don’t need to wear: waders, vest, dedicated shirts, anti sweat caps, see through lenses,, well the all shebang. No, just come as you are, don’t stop to leave a monthly wage of unnecessary at the fly shop… We love that film, it’s so us!

Music : Swan Song by Paper Navy