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One of our readers, Raphael Amat, took the time to write a review on Edward Abbey’s book A Season in the Wilderness, let’s welcome him on board!

Why should we read such a book when you’re a flyfisherman, and you love water, the whisper of tiny streams, and the large and calm takes at dusk? Though, there it’s not only about burning dust and howling wind under Utah’s arche and rattlesnakes. Edward Abbey deals with the same faith about the spring blossom in the desert, the mineral beauty of canyons and even manages to catch a few rainbow trouts… Is vision of a sacred Nature that turn into a merchandise for people who do not dare about its secret treasures is a call for wisdom and modesty in a world that is going to fast for nowhere.

My fellow angler who is fishing worldwide, put your rod aside, sit down on a rock and admire. An old twisted tree, the call of a sparrow, the beauty of the Earth… (as Fallkus was suggesting so in “Sea trout fishing”).