That’s it, it had to hit us! What, would you ask? But face it, we are talking about Fall, Autumn! Autumn and its load of dead leaves, chestnuts, mushrooms, grayling, the first crips mornings, the first heavy rains, time to chop wood and to take long walks in the colourfull forests. And for all that matter, do you have the right gear?

This year, Patagonia is going to make it easy for you when it will be time to choose which clothes to wear! Here’s the Iron Forge Hemp Collection! Work clothes where hemp is mixed with cotton to make your gear stronger! They look like the original workwear we’ve all been wearing, but nicer!  More eco friendly, that little thing that matters to us. So if you are a man you want to shop here and if you a re a woman, you’ll shop there. And for both of us there are some bags here.So get your gear and go play outside!

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