Le Léguer, Brittany, France, is probably one the most amazing « rebirth » of a river. For the past 30 years the ones who love this river faught against everything to give it back its wilderness. Today it’s a paradise for Trout, Salmon, Sea Trout or Lamprey. But it was not always like that.

Le Léguer gets into 21rst century as one of the wildest rivers of Brittany, a river that people respect and look respectufly. But if today it’s a paradise for fly fishers it has not always been the case, in the 20th century, WE almost killed that river, dam, sewage, pork feedlocks, corn, everything from industry, normal people, to agriculture disrispected that river and it’s only because a handful of wilderness lovers and lovers of the Léguer that it came back to life! Today, we are proud of this river, but it would not have been possible without the work of a few people. Here’s to them!

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