Mr Spock

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Leonard NimoyMr Spock


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Drixxe Sextape3Here’s your little present for your week end, be ready to spend a hot night, tonight! Figure this out, Drixxxe has made an 47 minutes mixtape with soundtracks from X rated movies from the seventies, hot, darn hot! Perfect soundtrack to go fishing with! As usual, you find the mixtape HERE and if you want to download it, use THIS! Thanks Drixxe, it’s corny, hot, tacky and groovy! Hooo là là!

Rise 2015 (France)

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Rise BandoSo here it is, it’s coming sooner than you think, the ultimate party before the opening season, The Rise Fly Fishing Film Festival, France !  And since we are very generous and we love our readers, we are going to offer you 10 seats for every venue! But it doesn’t come that easy, you’ll have to work  for that… send your email adress with subject MOUCHING in the header… there: RISE FREE TICKET specify which town you want to be invited to! There are 10 free seats per town!

Chilean elves and magic streams

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Streams of South Chile are magical. I left my heart along them eighteen years ago, and I don’t seem to be recovering. Wild wild forests and pure water, supreme fishing in the quiet solitude. This is one of those precious few places where you can still talk to someone who discovered a stream. Like being the first human being to cast a fly on it. Luis Antunez is one of those guys. When he saw the place, he thought it was a special, mythical place. I can see why. And what a fitting last sentence for the film: I love that place. Don’t we all have a crush for some water somewhere?

Gang war.

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Le Mouching, fly fishing, la bataille de San romanoThe night had just started to fall (PAF…BOUM!). A few weak reflections blinked like the bedridden old folks when the priest enters their rooms. And me, I returned with a happy heart after hours of benediction in my dear river.

The fish? Oh… A few, not very fat, but so what. Every minute spent in the water is a minute less spent at the office of le Mouching, far from it’s infernal rhythms.

At the corner of the rue du Marechat Petain and the impasse Maurice Thorez I ran nose to nose, into four shady characters, whom I immediately recognized, thanks to the insignias on their caps: The head of a lion (in very bad taste). Read more…

Iceland, old school

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Iceland at the times when catch and release was not yet what you had to do. Great film!

Yes or no?

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This film is silent, but the music of your heart beating so fast in your chest is the actual soundtrack. It happened to us all…have you noticed the size of this tarpon?  Will it take the fly or not?

All in the pocket: Gerber Dime

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The Gerber Dime, It has got everything, it’s small tough and darn usefull, enough to use it at the office at home or while you’re fishing! It’s so small you’ll use it as a key chain if you want, but don’t get me wrong, it’s a real tool, not one of those things you find in the Xmas crakers and you try to give it back as soon as possible. No, this is the right tool you want. even if you’re not in the outside, it’ll make you feel you’re out there!

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