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Kenny McLeod ties a series of classic nymphs invented by Frank Sawyer, maybe the greatest master of the art of nymph fishing. Maybe more interesting and certainly less known, two caenis dry patterns.


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C’mon, let’s go back North, for great outdoors, magnificent fishing, unintelligible dialogues, coffee pots and good sound. And wet wading in trunks on the polar circle, viking style.


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A very nice trip in a South African mountain range, fishing for beautiful trouts in tight cristaline waters on very light rods. Living the African dream.


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Why do I go fishing? For many reasons. But one of them is surely for catching an exceptionnal fish. Today, one of these rare moments happened, with my fishing brother David. And this, on my natal river (as the salmons use to say). Thank You Mother Nature.

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Jay Adams ? He showed the way. Thanks.


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It’s like your regular video notebook about a fishing trip in northern Norway, just that it’s all about that little something we french call a je ne sais quoi, an elusive fragance that makes all the difference between boring and poetic.


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Le mouching;fly fishing.shame

Dear Friends,
Something disagreeable has happened to me.
Something that proves, if one still needs proof, to what point the french administration is archaic and blind. I know that this has little to do with the highly captivating subject of fly fishing, but we must defend the honor of our dear hexagon, our dear France.

Without a word of thanks, nor encouragement, “they” returned to me by mail, the synopsis (see below) which is, if less than perfect, never-the-less superior to a great number of stories that one sees on the big screen (poor public!).

Briefly, the story is as follows: The film starts in an ultra secret tunnel dug in the desert of Nevada. There we find a group of private scientists, encouraged by an oriental scholar; they are on the point of putting the final touch on a discovery that, without a doubt, will devastate the planet and it’s inhabitants. The idea (like all the great ideas) is quite simple.Le Mouching.Fly fishing, espionne

Simply put, these scientists have developed a variety of food products that have the property of being entirely digested by the body without any waste product. No more time spent in rest-rooms. No more suspect traces on the back crotch of your pants; a real liberation for humanity. Whats more, little by little, it seems that what we call the asshole will serve no purpose. Because function creates the organ, a theory, not out of the question, is advanced that this orifices will end up by disappearing from our structure. Thanks to a spy (magnificently played by Juliette Binoche) the manufacturers of toilet paper got wind of the research in the Nevada laboratories. A war without mercy takes place. Homosexual soldiers are at the forefront of the fighting. Action, non-gratuitous violence, love scenes exactly as they should be. There you have it; the broad strokes of the scenario that they refused.

POOR FRANCE!Le Mouching, fly fishing, mad sientist_modifié-1



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Fly fishing in Quebec, what else? It just made us say “what are we doing at the office? We should go fishing!”. You cannot imagine how badly we want to be in Quebec!


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We are so  proud! Check this out! The famouse Frank Moore (mending the line) is wearing the famouse Mouching Summer Shirt Edition ! All of that thanks to our ambassador the mighty Eric Arbogast who brought to the North Umpqua some of our shirts to Frank! ! Is that cool or what?  We hope they’ll catch tons of fish and have fun like kids do! If you are like them and have a picture of you in a Mouching shirt, send it to us, we’ll publish it!Le Mouching on the North Umpqua, Oregon


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They are back! They are like a drug to us, we long for their films as a dope feind would wait for its dosis. Frontsidefly is back! And not a little trailer or a two minutes film but a real serie and here we start with Episode One! Let’s go Scandinavia!