I hope, that like me, you’ll like this film.  At last a film with direct sound! We are a bit fed up with all the music videos with fishing images in them…. I like the sound of the water against my waders, I like the sound the line makes when you set the hook, I like the sound of the countryside, I like the sound of silence. This is the sound I miss when I get to watch all those fishing films. This one brought peace ot me, quietness. I like that film. Me too I wish I could be on that river, tickleling trout with a splitcane and a CDC+ Roebuck, I want to have an egg and cress sandwich, I want to have a cup of tea, I want to be there ! In the West Country. But I guess everyone is not like me, so we’ll keep on posting music videos with fish in them…. Splitcane, th e bamboo  place.[youtube=http://youtu.be/eOfgE2M3iZ0]