Glass mountains

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Ray Collins is a veteran from the mines. There’s something very last century in this fate, going down under, and suffering in your flesh from the ire of the chtonian gods. He came back from the abyss with the keenest eye for light and water, but his camera is haunted by the great stones, and sometimes turns the waves into moutains of glass. Of such beauty your heart may miss a beat.

The godfather of swag

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Scandinavian moutains

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Our friends from Frontsidefly, and specialy Stefan Âgren, made a delicious film on fly fishing life, the life we all live, or the one we dream to live. Where ther is nothing but freedom and friends, a lot of love, some fish and sometimes luck too… What would I give to be there., now!

 Music : Tenousness by Andrew Bird


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Our friend Ivan from Le Moulin de Gémages, went to the Bahams where he found something much bigger than a bonefish…


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Truth is: no one owes you happiness. It’s up to you to find it, to be deliberate about your priorities and how you live your life.”

A statement we embrace everyday at the Mouching.

Sunday lunch

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Sundays… for a lot of us, Sundays means out to the river since the wee hours with your best friends. For others, Sunday fishing is forbidden and you may not go by the river with a rod in your hands….for some of us, Sunday means Sunday’s lunch! The one where you have all the family coming over and you stuff yourself to death… For some, like the Pike family, it can mean “let’s eat a trout”!

Fifty shades of grey

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I just had to make one FSoG joke, peeps. And actually it’s not that much of a joke. Firstly because, as you’ll surely notice, Scandinavian artists are indeed world leading experts at crafting beautiful things out of every perceptible nuance of gtey. And secondly because, almost as much as winter steelhead, seatrout is a quary for the masochists among us.

Saturday night heat

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The Mouching headquarters are deep in the shadows of tonight’s Earth hour(s). There’s no better setting to turn up the heat, pump some volume in Cyril’s mighty BWs and unleash the Chinese Man, paying due respect to the Shaw Brothers and the unbelievable soundtracks of 70s Hong-Kong action movies, doing the Asian thing to Morricone’s funky Italian vision of American western’s Epicness. It’s called Sho-Bro. Convoluted? Maybe. But it does sound.

Then there’s the anime… did someone say Tarantino?