4th of July

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Is there any left? Shepard Fairey, of Obama fame, on oil.

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Free the Snake

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Four dams, four dams we need to take down so the Snake river goes back to life, please help.


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If you’ve missed it in Catch Magazine, here’s to catch up! Fly fishing in Montana By Todd Moen, as usual great images…. don’t know about the soundtrack. That’s not what we would have picked, but it’s a grat film!


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Hard to keep your feet on the ground when you hear that song from Bag Raiders, Sunlight, you just feel like dancing and dancing. At the beginning when there is that beat that seems to go like  fishiki fishiki fishiki, we loved it already then it feels like any other song we hear every night, but as it goes, with the pictures, you feel the music is taking over you, and at the end of the film when it stops, you just play it again, and again! Deliverance by Fishiki Fly Fishing.


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Get your flies ready! We’ve been fishing in Cuba for over 15 years… We can help you out. We are neighbors, now we can be friends.

Revive Journal, Page 20


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Some of you might call it “porn”, some might say, there is too many fish but as far as we are concerned, we find this film beautifuly strong and with the heatwave that’s hiting western Europe, there is but one thing that comes to my mind: “I want to be in that river”! Doesn’t it appeal to you? Don’t you want too feel the water around you? Spring fly fishing is the best!


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All of our saltwater fly fishing readers will understand what I am talking about and even the others! You’re all aroused, aren’t you? That’s what tailing does to me!