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Poils aux genoux ! I realised that while fishing cold waters, my knees were very sensible to low temperatures and that with a knee protection I could stay longer in the water, fish more, have more fun! So I started to look for the best knee protection, or knee warmer I could find and I came accros plenty of them, I could not choose, until I found the ones I’m posting you. They are so comfortable and thanks to them comfy little hairs I can kneel by the river and pray Saint Rita, patroness of Impossible Cases! Have a good wading!


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As kids, we’re all waiting for “that” moment, the day where we get our first knive, our first blade, as a grown up. We’re going to hold it tight in our hand, we are going to look at it for hours, lighting up the room in the miidle of the night to be sure it’s there on the bedside table, and play with it a little more, checking the blade… we all remenber that first knove. Major gift in our life, the gift that says you’r not a kid anymore, you’re becoming an adult but it’s not over yet…Be Brave, being a teenager sucks…Here’s the blade: Be Brave


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Her it comes again, the fever is back that very special fever that comes with planning a future trip. You can already get ready, end of April, we’ll be organising a hosted trip to Las Salinas de San Lazaro,  if you want to join us, get your flies ready and be patient, we’ll fill ou in with all the infos very soon, but you should already know that we’ll get a special price! For the one who are wondering how they can come… via (Cancun) is the answer!  Contact Hosted Trip CubaLas Salinas de San Lazaro


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No, it’s not the Tarpon who’s dancing, it’s you, it’s the fisherman, everything dances with that film! It’s one of a kind with our friend Juan from  Punta Allen Fly Fishing Club and a soundtrack and images probably never seen before with a fly fishing film with the BIG poons from Holbox, Yucatan. Enjoy, and play it loud.

Music: Simon Baker- Grey Area (Steve Bug Remix)


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Le mouching, fly fishing, gang chinatownWhen I landed in New York for the first time, Helene Valentin, a french artist who had immigrated to the Big Apple years before, gave me the lowdown on the best of the best.

“When you want to feast on great fish, it’s no problem, just get yourself to Chinatown. There are lots of fabulous fish markets. The Chinese adore fish and believe me, they demand the freshest of the fresh.”Le Mouching, fly fishing, fish market

That was about 30 years ago and I have to say that, 30 years ago it was true.

Today, all of that has changed. I’ve marched from one end of Chinatown to the other and checked out every single shop… the oder is so unbearable that without a good dose of opium I would never have the strength to enter those doors to hell.

So, goodbye codfish and so long mackerel… bye-bye squid and prawns. And damn all those bloody swines of fish peddlers (as you can see I’m really mad).

It’s a far cry from the market in France at Barjac (Gard). There you’ll find the most charming guy who sells the best cheese in the world and there, reigning behind her stand, the beautiful Carole.

And even more beautiful is what is before her. Oysters pulled from their bed that same morning and mussels… what mussels; you can eat them as they are, raw… it’s god in person that trickles down your throat! Read more…


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THE real cool part is the bodysurf at the begining of the film, the best thing, feeling the water, the speed of the wave against your body, than it’s beautiful, the waves, the swell, the surf,  the music, everything makes you feel you are somewhere else but in front of your screen, daydreaming. Zangs Films, for the ones who are into that: Pat Towersey is in the water, RonRomanovsky at the mike.


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Ahah, Bandido ! What’s more joyfull than our friend and guide Nelson’s laugh while Stefan Dombaj is bowing a baby tarpon in San Lazaro, Cuba? All Nelson’s joy and charsima is in that short sentence, and Stefan shows us once ore that fly fihsing is all about pleasure!


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Fly Fishing Belize, a bible for all of us who fare going crazy for Permit, wether you really catch them or are doomed and dream of catching this elusive animal!Jim Klug has gathered all his best fishing pictures of all the trips he made to Belize. The book to get or to offer for Xmas!Fly Fishing Belize