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Wooo00000OOOOOOhhOOOOO0000oooo ! Whatch out, the new way of shooting fly tying films is Leton! This film just killed all the boring fly tying films we were used to, just by adding a few fishing images it changed everything! Bye bye old tiring boring fly tying films, this is the new cool! We want more! We want one everyweek! Thanks to Museline all we have to do now is going for Pike!  


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Le mouching, fly fishing, Ginger et fredWhen I discovered the piece of ginger nestled coldly at the back of my fridge, I was filled with regret. The poor morsel had it’s members trembling with cold. And then, all of a sudden, it was like a vision, a thunderbolt… almost mystic. My piece of ginger left it’s vegetal envelope and was transformed, before my eyes, into a little frog with a light ochre skin.

Be assured dear readers that I had not abused any substances, that day, of which the law disapproves. Read more…


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Fall, Salmon spawn, Steelheadn all of this is heaven and Todd Moen from Catch mag, catches it all with his camera, for you.

The best race with a Steelhead, ever!


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Roger Riddle : MercyRoger Riddle is one of the DJ’s we’re keeping an eye on. Today you’re going to be able to download (if you use THIS) a nugget from the mine of hip hop groove: MERCY (Abstract) ! You’re going to drive more than usual, you’re going to be awake longere, you’re going to thank us for that amazing mixtape ! Have a good week end!

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Fast as hell, Rio Limay, Patagonia. Season is about to start, maybe you’ll like those images as an aperitivo !


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Dear Jerry Siem,

I know you’re a very busy guy, and a very competent one too, which won’t help me get you to see my point. Anyway, I have to do something, in the name of our Mouching readers, who deserve better. In a nutshell: you came up with a magnificent blank, and it’s almost a surprise one can still notice that after such a bad treatment during the build. I give you a little list, it’s just depressing:

a. Obviously, no one took care to spine the blank. So the guides are 45° left of the blank’s natural curve.
b. The paint. Weights a ton. Serves no technical purpose other than screwing your designer job.
c. Snake guides. A noble herency from tougher times… double wrap, double weight, zero advantage, except for Bob, the steelheader cousin, who’s getting freezing guides.
d. Two insert strippers. That’s one too many. And Fuji LNAG, really? Even I usually do better on my proletarian rods.
e. Even the reel seat is a cheapo for a rod this high in price. That’s where we expect a class act, and what do we get? Some passable aluminium crap. Meh.
F. Don’t get me started on that winding check

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Jerry, old sport, there’s nothing really serious about all this, and your marketing buddies, who really know their trade, have all the reasons behind such poor choices. I just resent a little that we all have to put up with that thing they do to get to your work. The rod’s not mine, and at that price tag I wouldn’t want to cause massive brain damage, but here’s what I’d do if I ever were to win your rod at a bingo game: I would first get rid of those guides, then of the paint. It’s not difficult to do. Then I’d build it back on the spine, with single foot guides and short wraps. I’m sure the result would surprise many people, but certainly not you, because you’re Jerry Siem and your blank is seriously good.

With my best regards,

Laurent du Mouching.

PS. Not everything is a disaster either. The guides are aligned, the finish is neat, and I like that EVA on the fighting butt, a part of the rods always lying around in the wrong places. The cork is so-so, but these are hard times to find decent cork anywhere.

Next time we start to fly a line.


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What brings more calm and serenity than Luke Bannister’s films? Honestly, I don’t know, but what I do know ids that every time I watch them I feel better, more relaxed, as if time was stopping, as if for a moment, nothing matters, it’s just me and my memories. I feel those films so deep in me I can even feel the water, smell the river, they are taking me to a very special place. Thank you Luke Bannister.

HOOKÉ 2014

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What did you do, this year? Our Quebecois friends from Hooké have been fishing, a lot!

2014 got us to places we never thought we’d see in our lives. From the southern tip of the Americas, in Patagonia, to the northern tip of Québec and Labrador, we spent the last year fishing for salmon, trout, pike, char… and it was awesome. See for yourself, and thanks again for following us!

We love James Blake