You gotta toothbrush? We’re goin’ fishing!

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“You gotta toothbrush? We’re goin’ fishin’! You hear that Laurent? We’re goin’ fishin’!”

This is almost what I said to Laurent this morning from Le Mouching headquarters. He’s lost somewhere in Picardie, waiting for his flight…


Pike road

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Cyril is right now somewhere between Georgia and the Bahamas, and I’m on the road to Ireland where Simon and I will be hunting pike for the next week in the Co Cavan. First stop on the track near Beauvais’ airport, for a night at my friend Ed’s. Tomorrow, we’ll try to catch some trouts before I take off for Shannon. As for now, I gathered my gear, and I pack some goodies for testing: a Stickman T8, and a Batson Rainshadow REVF 9010 I built last week. I can’t wait to meet the Irish pikes. Come on, follow us in our adventures, we’ll keep you posted every day.


Sad day

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We are sorry to inform you that the famous Norwegian Vak Magazine, does not exist anymore, after having shown us fantastic pictures and a taste of exotism for those who do not speak a word of Norwegian. Thank you dear Vak to have given us some fishing dreams, we are going to miss you. Vak


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John Voelker was a wise man, and wise men’s words should be listened to often. You’ve probably heard those already, but it’s good to get back to such an elegant confession about the sport. I’d give things to come up with something like I fish because only in the woods can I find solitude, without loneliness. And Aaron Peterson found quite a nice way to put images beneath the words. That’s our Friday special for you, folks: 2’13″ of visual poetry.

Anti-nazi catfish.

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Le mouching, fly fishing, OderI would bet my right hand that few of you have passed your fishing vacations at Krosno Odrzanskie.

Never the less, if there’s one place in the world of barbares where I would like to wet my line, it is certainly Krosno Odrzanskie and the reason is quite simple.

A river runs through the middle of this charming village, the Oder, to be exact; the river also serves as the border between Germany and Poland. Well that’s nothing to laugh about you might say with a note of impatience in your voice. Just wait a minute my friends, I’m getting there.

Frolicking in this river, besides the charming native blondes, are Catfish that, in terms of size and weight, would make the most obese citizens of Oklahoma seem like anorexic mosquitos. Read more…

A liar’s autobiography

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To lie. Many fishermen indulge in the occasional lie. Not necessary skilfully. But there is one real great liar, with whom we would have liked to go fishing! And that’s Graham Chapman (the Doctor Chapman), delicious clown and Monty Python’s creator. He had an amazing idea before he passed (too soon) : to write his false-true-false autobiography: A liar’s autobiography. He wrote it with the help of a couple of friends. Well, they are all characters imagined by him and played by himself… such a concept.

Between true fibs and fictionalized realities Graham tells his life made of friendship, creativity and  craziness, but mainly humoristic genius.

His stories are guaranteed to please, from the one of the medical student, on “academic leave” in Reims and visiting Champagne vineyards, to the shooting and representation adventures with the Monty Python’s flying Circus…

From the beginning until the end of his show — or life, one gets lost — Graham had never stopped to be a fabulous clown. Even his funerals were funny…

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Le Mouching in Bahamas

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Almost packed… of course I’m bringing too much gear! But I want to try to catch all the species we’re going to come accross… from bonefish to shark… So I need the right rods and lines. We found out that there is an internet connection where we’ll be, so stay tuned starting this Sathurday, we’ll have a daily update! in the meantime, I’m still packing… we’ll be in Crooked Island, Bahams for a week. If you are around, come have a drink!packing gear

Farquhar, Seychelles

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On an island far far away, you are close to heaven, it has a taste of what heaven could be…This film is long enough to get a rough idea of the many things to do there…fish, fish and fish again! For bone, for GT’s, all of them will try to treat your gear badly, have fun! I know what you are going to say ” you said : We won’t show Go Pro films anymore”  well…we were wrong, some will be shown!