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Fly Fishing Belize, a bible for all of us who fare going crazy for Permit, wether you really catch them or are doomed and dream of catching this elusive animal!Jim Klug has gathered all his best fishing pictures of all the trips he made to Belize. The book to get or to offer for Xmas!Fly Fishing Belize


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Paris DJ, Some of the things in Life are freeOur amigos de Paris DJ once again released a real nugget! Honey to our ears that it is, something you can play over and over and never be bored! Here’s the 3rd mixtape from Some Of The Best Things In Life Are Free, we’ll never thank them enough for that!

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Here’s some uncommon tying material, vinyle, for a very convincing steamer. As always, McPhail shares a wealth of how-tos and precious comments for those who can get through the Scottish accent. Trout season’s over, here comes the times of predator chasing on such flies!


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You like 3-6 flips, you’re a fan of nose manual, you’re crazy with fakie heelflip, let say you’re just love skateboard? This film is for you! Neels Castillon just shot this this spring mainly on Place de la République in Paris, and even if you don’t know about skateboard, you’ll enjoy it because it’s awesome and will show you Paris differently than any turist guide! The soundtrack is really good!


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Our friends from Hooké are everywhere. Hooké is to have fun and go fishing, Fokus is to work and bring the food home. It’s as beautiful as an waterfall of maple sirop falling on a building of pancakes!


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Don’t tell me that while fishing the tropics you never said to yourself, this is the best place to enjoy reggae. John Holt 1947/2014 RIP


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You don’t’t need top top of the range camera to make a fly fishing film that touches us. All you have to do is shoot and show us how we can identify and feel what you are doning, that’s the best! It’s all a matter of feelings. There on the Au Sable river and on the Housatonic (sounds like technodance music) in the  Adirondacks  5h  North of New York. Golden Brown


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Tonight Le Mouching is six years old, six years where we’ve been trying to give you the best of us, six years where we’ve been trying to feed you the most intersting things we could find, thank for for being each day more numerous to follow us, we would like to thank you for that! Los Mouchingboyz.

Six years Mouching