Tight Loops: The trip #1

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Here’s some news from Tight Loops,  Chase and Aimee who left the East coast to go roaming in Montana in search of freedom and trout!  Here’s their first part of the journal they are going to send us all summer long. “Lost in Wise river”, I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.

Mark Mahoney, tatoo artist.

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If you’re getting a tatoo, you might as well have it done by the best! Like Johnny does. A film as beautiful as a tatoo.

Night poon

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I’ve got a thing for urban fishing. Maybe I’m weird, maybe it’s because I lived almost all my life in large cities, I don’t know, but I just dig fishing surrounded by concrete. And when I see those guys, hunting big tarpons under highway bridges, I just want to be on the boat with them. And the big fight in the dark, that is something you’ll remember for long.

Chalk stream, the teaser before the film

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Our friends from Caddis Production have given us a candy, a sweet candy and its sooo good we want more! We want more because we know they have more in stock, they have a box full of delicious candies but they like to play with us and just give a sample of heaven, and Heaven with a soundtrack like this one is even more than Heaven!

The Hollow Rooster Candy

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The problem with big streamers is that they are a pain in the elbow to cast, especially when there’s a lot of wind. And there’s always a lot of wind. Our friend Norbert Renaud, who forgot more about big streamer fishing than many of us will ever know, shows here a great design that will produce a very light fly, easier to cast than the proverbial half chicken. It’s straightforward to adapt it to the fish you’re after.

Summer’s mixtape: LeFto

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summer 15 specialHot, hot as hot summer night, when you are staring at the skies and shooting stars are flying like dry flies at the end of a line. This mixtape from our friend LeFto is probably the hottest thing you’ll listen to this summer, not a dancing mixtape but the perfect love soundtrack! Just for you to know it’s playing non stop since it’s out. To listen to this precious jewel it’s HERE and to donwload it to play it on your Hi Fidelity system it’s THERE!

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Danish sea trouts

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I think there’s a couple of lessons to be drawn here. Let me just point three of them. (1) DaVinci Resolve and Final Cut Pro X will give you plenty of cool effects to spice up your rushes, and make your film fun to watch. (2) Denmark has small streams choke-full of fat sea-trouts. Like 50 kilograms of them by the kilometer. (3) It seems that Danish people love to say lots of fucks.

All of this is really cool.

Lighter multitool

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We always need them, wherever we go, a lighter to start a fire, to burn nylons or to light a cigar and a pocket knife for everything. What about getting both at the same time? That’s when Coleman’s multi tool lighter comes handy. And talking about lighters, it’s more than a lighter it’s almost a blow torch! As for the tools: you get a knife, a can opener, a saw and a file! I’m sure this is going to become your best friend and you’ll never be able to go anywhere without it! A must have!Coleman's lighter multitool