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Today, most of the Mouching Team will crash the Fly party at the Sambrexpo Hall in Charleroi. Except for Flèche, who’s try to catch a gnu on a chironomid — if I’m not mistaken. Lots of friends will be there. Maybe there will be stuff to buy too.

Come see us!
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Irlande, under water: porn.

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Did you ever imagine all that was happening underwater? Check what’s going on in the irish waters…best porn ever!

The Crutch

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At the Gullkroken festival this year, the guys sitting next to us were really nice, we started chatting (in fact they translated all the show that was in norwegian) and when they understood we were from Le Mouching, they jumped in the air and said “we love you! You posted all our films and wrote really funny things!” so we loved them too (them being Bandit Production).So when last night Trond Kjærstad sent me their new film I instantly loved it and wanted to share it with you! Ready to go to any length to go fishing, no matter what, and crutches are certainly not going to stop us. Nothing can stop us! The awesome music is Dirty Rhodes from Kevin MacLeod.

Rio app

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Rio AppThe Rio app, we talked about it after meeting Simon Gawesworth at Efftex last spring we were thrilled by the idea, now, you can downlaod the app and use’ it! It works really well, I’ve been able to check that I had the right lines with my Loop Cross S1′s or my Sage’s rods… the right line for the right rod for the right fish! It even asks you if you a beginner or a pro… I love that app! Simon explains to you how it works, pretty nefty! And it’s free!  

Soup’s ready!

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soupIt’s cold, you need warmth, you need proteins, energy, you need to feel hot and filled! Days outside are asking your body to fight the cold, what’s better than a good soup? We love that! At Le Mouching’s office we always have a hot pot of soup on the stove… Here’s a good book to pick a recipe from. 500 Soups, you should be able to have a different one for several years if you’re not eating soup everyday… from easy to make last minute recipe to several hours cooking delight…this book is THE bible! Bon appétit, as we say!500 Soups

Ardeche hell.

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Le mouching, Fly fishing,Hell in the Pacific“DAMNED!”, I thought, almost out loud, at the sight of tourists wading in the water of my secret spot; no longer secret. I’ll just go and take a look further down river, beyond the bend. Because of yesterday’s rain storm, the path alongside the river was invaded by broken branches which rendered it as difficult as one often finds young pubescent girls difficult. So I decided to bear away from the river to the interior path (which was no problem, I know area like the back of my hand). Read more…

Manfrotto Off Road

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You’ll have no excuse anymore not to take your camera when you go hiking or fishing. Here’s the new Manfrotto Off Road serie, it includes bags, tripods and wallking sticks that can be turned into a monopod! The bagpacks come in several colours so you’l be sure to find the one you like and those colours are way better than the usual black photo backpack we have to carry. Even the tripod and the monopod come in colours. The monopod is quite clever built, it’s a walknig stick, you tilt the top of the handle and you can screw your camera to it! Now you have no excuse  notto feed us with your best films and pictures… (probably available in Spring)

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Morning steel

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Everything is in the “greens” coulourwise, the set design is perferct, the music is perfect, the cast is perfect, the river is perfect, the weather is perfect, the action is perfect, the fish is perfect, it’s the perfect morning steelhead!