Habana! Yeah I know a lot of you are looking at the Island and saying to yourselves soon, soon will be able to go ! But please, please don’t go empty handed! Just think of your youth, just think about everything you’re able to get or to have, how easy it is to wal down the mall and be fussy about a pair of sneakers, , how easy it is for you, for us to get a cap, a T shirt we like, a board. how easy it is just to take your board and go to the skatepark and have fun with your friends, how easy it is to take a long board and use it to go from one place to the other. There, it’s not the same. When you get 15$ a month how do you want to buy a board in a shop that doesn’t even exist? How do you want to get the basic, new wheels, new trucks… there are no shop, everything has to come from us, the “Europeans” or the Canadians and nest you, the Americans. So please if you ever come to Cuba, just remember that in Havana, if you go to Calle 23 y G, you might find some skateboraders who will appreciate even an old borad. ANd this goes for everything. What I do when I go to Cuba, I give everything away, they have nothing, we can buy everything back once we’re home.

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/144626872]