Today, if you want ot fish, you have to travel. Of course we show you hundreds of new destinations where you could throw your flies, but traveling as a fly fisher means to be organized. First things first: you need a bag! Not any bag, don’t hting you can go and get any trolley bag and tell yourself, I can stach all my gear, and it gots wheels ! Unfortunatly if you want to spend your time looking for your gear, buy that thing, probably for cheap, but at the end, you’ll buy another ond later, a real fishing bag, because having a normal bag when you go fishing is a mistake, and we’re not saying so to make you spend more money, we just travel a lot and now that looking for something can drive you nuts! So we decide to travel with fishing bags, NEVER get a very big bag, you’ll put all your gear in it and you’ll end paying extra price in the plane. Once I went to Cuba and on back my gear was so wet (it rained a lot) I had 6 extra kilos than on the way in! We want a bag that has a compartment strong enough that you can use for your fishing gear in which you can stash your rods without a tube, your reels and wders + boots, that can be wet with no problem, and a separatade level in which you can put your dry clothes as wel as some fishing gear, plus extra pockets where you will stash dedicated gear (lines, leaders, flies etc. We found Scierra Travaeller Trolley perfect for that, it’s made with 600 denier material so you know you’re buying stron, it has wheels, it has the right size and is the one yo want!

WARNING : there is a mistake ontheir website: the picture on the Traveller Trolley page is the Game Bag, and the picture of the Game Bag…is the Traveller Trolley.