Eat Sleep & Fish #49: Olé! This issue starts with warmth and vino tinto! I guess Spain has become one of the best destination in Europe, we went there shooting a film last fall and today, guess what? I’ts opening Eat Sleep & Fish nlatest issue! Léon, famous for its rooster’s feathers, but also for it’s brown trout! and as if the article itself was not enaough there’s a film to watch! Let’s stay in Southern Europe and head to Kupa river in Croatia, it mighit be your next destination! You feel that Southern Europe is too warm for you or you don’t like the food? What about going to Scotland for Grayling? Yes, Grayling! Less people would be fishing with you, they’ll all be loooking for trout or salmon. And if all of that is too easy or too conventional for you, why don’t you go further East and try Tenkara in Japan! There’s also an article for the loners, and why they should have friends! Because ther’s nothing as good as fishing with your friends! And for the sceptics, ther’s a whole article on glass! Well I guess there are enough reasons why you should read this issue!