Idrija, Slovenia, one of our favorite river, it’s the kind of river you would fall in love immediatly if you ever had the luck to fish in it. It’s human size, not too wide not too small, the wooded banks are verdant, the river runs through the boulders and it’s filled with trout, you can even find some serious marmoratta or marble trout and grayling! But this year another reason to go fishing on Idrija river is that nearby they would be showing IF4! You’ll fish during a couple of days and watch fly fishing films at night and guess what the best season is May and that’s when the Festival is on! What else? All infos are HERE! And to get there is so easy, you fly to Venice wher eyou can even stay for a couple of days, you rent a car and after a couple of hours drive, you’re by the river!