Roger was quietly fishing for bass from his boat when he noticed that adorable little creature dabbling in branches on the border. One, then two, then a third one! Well, Roger was accustomed to seeing these platypus on this river and it is also an endemic animal in the eastern Australia, but it’s always fun to see how much god item had screwed up in his creative madness.
This distraction out of his mind tortured by the choice of a particular popper, he began to scrutinize the fly box completely full of hair to fly all sorts of colors. Suddenly, a flash of genius crossed him through and through. He restart his little boat motor and dashed to his car. Direction home, where were waiting few  hours of fly tying.
The next day, armed with a very close imitation of the beast he arrived at the water’s edge.


Well, I recognize, I don’t know who’s Roger and I never went to Australia, but this fly is awesome! It has been tied by Fabrizio Gajardoni! Sir, you are a genius! Signore, tu sei un genio!