Buthan, a country where you are not aloud to kill fish is a paradise for them, but it doesn’t provide fly fishermen from fishing since “catch and release” is something we do, most of the time. So here we are, in the heart of the Himalayas, in a rafting expedition, going down a river and stopping to fish, fish that have never seen a fly, fish that has never seen a fisherman, fish that will be released to the river. Buthan is the only Buddhist country in the world and the buddhist principals are compulsory. Go visit Buthan, it’s good for your karma! But other than that, although Buthan has plenty of rivers on which dams could be build and make a good profit by selling electicity to its neighbour, they chose to protect the villages and the rivers.

Here’s the trailer of “Power of the River: Expedition to the Heart of Water in Bhutan