You’ve got nothing to disctract you this evening, tv is boring (as usual) and you do’nt want to go out, here’s to cheer you up, Along The Way, full version, thanks to our buddies from Hooké you won’t be playing Battlefield all night long, here’s the full film and after watching it (full screen) you’ll be so busy obsessing about fly fishing that you’ll have the best dreams you’ve ever had!

After touring the world aboard the IF4, the full version of “Along The Way” is finally available! We produced this movie with all the encounters and all the great moments we shared by the river in mind. Gaspé, New-Brunswick, Baie-James, Labrador and British Columbia where all incredible places, but the things we’ll remember the most are the people we met in each of these places. We hope it will make you travel with us a little, while we wait for the next season to arrive!