There is not much to be found to put on Le Mouching this week, let’s call it a dull week, not really winter, not really fall. The commemoration of the terrorist attacks from November 13th in Paris didn’t help, nor the loss of the singer and poet we loved, nor the recent election which seems to tear people appart rather then unite them. There is not much to find on the web to distract us, the only thing I found was that film, Weber River, simple and sober but strong enough to allow us to escape, because our job at Le Mouching is to find a door for you to escape to a better and lighter world.

SuzonSuzon, today I am going to talk about you, it took me a year, you went for your 21rst birthday party to the Bataclan with your younger brother, you protected him with your body but you did not survive. It is an awfull emptiness that you leave us with. All the ones that loved you, all the ones that where close to your parents, to your friends. So today, when I see this river,  when I see this fish, when I see those landscapes, I think about you and how fortunate we are to enjoy the little things of life. I know that the outdoors and fishing our backyards river will heal us, but it’ll never be the same, ever again. How lucky are we to be able to watch that film, soon, spring will come.