Oh duuude, sooo raaaad! We’ll all heard it! You see those guys doing a 360 and a backflip, easy peasy and you ask your self how do they do that? Well, there is a comon tread in skiing backcountry, it is that not only some fishermen also raise up their arms, grunting like animals when they catch a nice fish (Hooké… don’t be offended) but we are all looking for the same thing, it’s something deep in us that cannot be stopped, we don’t care how hard it is to go, how far, how difficult, how dangerous, but we go, we go for the same king of thrill even if it is different, it’s called pleasure!

Guys, you have to watch that film CLAIM with Mark Abma, Shane McConkey & Sean Pettit. You thought you new about ski, you were wrong. Watch this film on a BIG screen! You’ll thank us later. Have a nice week-end.