¡Vamos pa la luna!

Whatch out! This time you are not going to be able to resist, the call of the dance will be too strong and like us you will be dancing like crazies! We had to push the tables and open the bar at the office, as soon as we started playing that mixtape! It’s not Salsa Dura from the 60’s, it’s the 70’s Salsa, when salsa used to flirt with jazz, with Latin Jazz, when New York was the heart of Havana and the pulse of Puerto Rico, when horns would drive you crazy and your body would dance to the rythm of the timbales!  Thanks to dj Sadisco from Hiyakashi radio i nJapan who found those amazing songs that allowed us to lose in an hour all the fat we ate during the week! Bu watch out, it’s wild! Don’t expect easy listening salsa, it gets wilder as the tape plays! So you can download it here or just click ont the picture below.  ¡Que bueno!