Rising Sun Rock and Roll

To get a good start for 2019, here’s to comb your Pompadour and shake on the dance floor, two perfect mixtapes from Juke Joint! 2 gems from Mr Woods, strictly Japanese from the 50’s and 60’s, not very PC, but who cares, right? We love Politically Incorrect! We thought we needed a change from Hip Hop Trap Latin Soul Funk mixtapes we give you every friday.

Here are the 2 mixtapes from Mr Woods, download Going East Here and Going Further East There.

Happy New year Folks & good luck to all.

Im guessing the majority of these 45s were born as a result of early railroad migration,WW2-Vietnam, with many of the players involved or siblings of ‘re spinning childhood tales.

Some narrow minded lefties would title these tracks as Racist!
We and many others Say “Fuck No!!!

Should Racism be this creative, involve this level of thought/execution & got me in the Gut as all of these recordings do
I may consider becoming racist..
These compositions were much like Comic books,Radio,Film of the time providing a glimpse into a mystical world,shaped by propogander & miss information.

Theres an innocence and youth to this music that’s not tainted by hate or desire to eradicate.
Perhaps that’s my naivety…

To me this genre of music was born during a Golden time of expression through artistic means.

We hope this nostalgic mind trip awakens visions of new sounds & cultures during your year ahead..

Mr Woods..

Round 2..

I have been collecting
Cinema, Sounds, Insperation & Knowledge from the East since I was a child,
A scholar born of 36 chambers..

“Going further East” should have been titled “Going slightly “Wild” West”

I’m not certain why many of these Oriental-exploration recordings sound as similar to my other lifetime obsession of
“Out on the plains,Under the stars, Gritty,Wild West,Gun slinging,Rail road, amazingness”
( Pressed on wax or film )

Unfortunately there seems to be very little written on these fascinating musical genres????
thus my theory is these cultures we’re both sold as invaders of the American dream, If the instrument fits..

For reference I threw a few “45” size curve balls into the dim sum to keep that shit hot & spicy.

Happy New Year..
Mr Woods