Hot like those summer nights when you don’t stop kissing!

Here are some mixttapes that are going to drive you crazy, the ones we listened at the office all week long. Sometimes we laid down on the carpet and watched the fan wings turn and turn, some other ties we jumped on the tables shaking our bodies like crazies! We have to admit this week has been a loooong party, and the fans have been spinning to cool us down! So since we didn’t post as muche as usual, here are 3 mixtapes for your forgivness!

Time Machine by DJ Pelts, groove, soul, funk, sthis is to make you sweat, find someone to take to the dancefloor! Download HERE


Reggae & Dub Special Mix 24 by Vice Versa Now you ‘re going to be able to take a break, that’s what we were listening ot at the end of the day, when the neighbors would walk one after the other in the office to get a drink! We had to speed up the fans so the heat wouldn’t go too high! Download HERE TOO


For the Love of Disco par Professor Eddy Now it’s time to button down your shirt, hot lava is going to pour from your speakers, it’s time to dance till you knees hurt! Turn down the light and play it loud!  Download it HERE!

See you on Bastille’s Day!