Download those 7 awesome mixtapes for your summer, they’ll make your nights like no others!

Yes you read well: 7 mixtapes you cannot missout for your summer holidays, because you’re on holidays, right? You deserve the best, and holidays are here to take some quality time! So download those mixes, they’ll enlight your nights!

1/ Let’s start with something cool and easy, the kind of mixtape that’s perfect after a day by the water, Sweet and spicy, the kind of moxtape you can listen to later on, when you’re in bed. Hot soul by Mol, King of Soul vol III ! Download  here  and dim the light!

2/ Than to get your dancing feet ready here’s a nice little cocktail, not too strong but that will instantly set you in a good mood. A pure Bossa Nova mixtape; the kind you will not be able to resist to! An half hour mixtape so you forget the heat wave. Download  and turn the sound up, Bossa Nova Futebol Clube by The Sound of Osasco, is sick !

3/ Let’s keep on with this gem, that mixtape is going to take you from Soul like hot as lava to dancing rythms! Perfect transition to take you from the sofa (or the bar) to the dance floor! And who else but DJ Jazzy Jeff ? Yes, the guy from  Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff! You know Fresk Prince aka Will Smith. Oh, you’re already clicking HERE to download it! Title says it all: Summertime, blast that sound!

4/ Here we take another direction, and you’re not going to stop dancing, you are going to shake, rool down, jump, it’s a killer!  That mixtape from Juke Joint : Dj Mark Garcia: Work Neck is just a dancing machine! But don’t be afraid, it’s rock rockabilly and blues, your feet wont beleive what they’ll make you dance to! You have an hawaian shirt, wear it now! Download here

5/ You’re still wearing that shirt? Let’s go deeper into the strange sounds of California Funk! It’s already dawn, only the best ones will dance to Callahfornia by DJ Sadisco, download it here !

6/ You need a rest don’t you? You can play it now or stash it for later, this is a gem of West African music, a mixtape by Vice Versa:  My Africa. (click on link to download) It’s hot like Lome nights in Togo, crazy like the Cotonou ones in Benin, this is the perfect mixtape to calm you down and make you travel at the same time!

7/ And last but not least, what would be a Mouching selection without a salsa mixtape? You can download Ksalsoul ‘s one directly! It’s a tropical galore, it’s going to wake up the “salsero” sleeping in you! Turn up the sound, shake your body, the night is yours!

Here what to spend an awesome weekend or to have some slick sound for your sumer! We hot the heat wave won’t spook the fish and that nevertheless you’ll have fun. But you already know it, fly fishing is not only about catching fish, it’s muhc more than that, it’s to be able to enjoy life every day, to take the best of it, and that’s probably why you are reading Le Mouching! Enjoy the summer!