Vespas, dismantled, rebuilt into dream machines, blowing a wind of freedom, in Indonesia.

My first scooter was a PX 125, the famous Vespa, the one you see in all the italian movies from the 50’s and 60’s, the real scooter, the one who’s engine has a sound that everyone ears before they see it, the famous “pak pak pak pak”. So hen I saw those Indonesian kids stripping down those old Vespas  carcasses to turn them into fruits of their imagination, I saw bliss. I saw something that we know, something that talks directy to our hearts, something that you can hear from the mouth of one of the riders : ” what people are saying is not important, what matters is that I am happy” and just for this sentence this film is worth seeing. At the end what we do when we fly fish, is exactly this, we do’nt care what others are thinking, all we want is bliss. Have a good film.

Rebel Riders from Marc Aziz Ressang on Vimeo.