Sometimes life is easier than you think and gifts come when you are not expecting them. Today is your lucky day!

You’re lockeddown at home waiting for the Coronashit to go away, and all you do is cooking, eating, watching films, tying flies and dreaming. So our dear friend Daniel Göz sent me this email for you dear readers : Salut ma puce, I hope you’re well? We have relief coming to the flyfishing world… Tapâm the full film is now on YT… Please spread the love.. :-*


Tapâm! Who hasn’t heard about that film? It’s been THE film that ten years ago changed everything in the Tarpon fly fishing world! I remember when Daniel came to the Paris Fly Show and we all watched that unbeilavable breathtaking film, in the jungle of Tapâm where massive Tarpon were jumping at the end of Daniel Göz & Jan Bach Kristensen’s line while they were pulled on their belly boat. There are not a lot of films like that that have been a game changer in the fly fishing world. Tapâm is one of them. So get comfortable, dim the lights, watch it on a a MASSIVE screen, you’ll never be the same again!

Thank you Daniel for that fantastic gift!