Oh la la! It doesn’t look good for us to dance rubbing ourselves against each others while shouting like kids… Don’t you worry, we happen to have in our bags enough music to make you dance even if it’s at home and that you’re alone (two is better but optional), you can skank in front of the fireplace ! Never, no, Le Mouching will never let you down! Download, dim the lights and turn the sound up

The easiest way to download everything to your computer is to get Media Human! Than you’ll paste the adress of the mixtape (by clicking on the title) you want and it’ll deliver it to you!

Tou start with, here’s a mixtape to warm you up, sweet and mellow, at first this mixtape was made to travel sailing, but aren’t we all traveling in our heads this year? It’s perfect ot start or end the party! Music for Boattrips Mixtape DJ 75 you’re going to listen to all kind of musics, it’s perfect to dance at home or dream in your sofa!

Are you still with us?  Since you’re two of you and you’re in love, nothng’s better than some salsa dura! Ça va ? Cachao, king of the double bass, king of Mambo! Put on your guayabera and turn the heat up, it’s gonna be tropical! Perfect to dance hands full and empty headed! Cachao Mixtape de Vince Vella, c’mon, push over the furnitures and turn the sound up!

You still have some energy? Well you don’t need much, just enough to lay on the couch, loving the one you’re with or daydreaming alone, looking out the window as the cold winter night falls on all your traveling dreams. All you need is this great mixtape with Bongo Joe, they’re going to take you further than your imagination would. Close your eyes and listen.

That’s it, it’s over, we hope you’ve enjoyed that little journey with us. But get dressed, you’re going to catch a cold!