Bach and fly fishing, an incertain mix for some, obvious for others. Jazz & Fly Fishing shows us how spring fishing, the first fishing days of the season, matches perfectly that Prelude from Cello Suites on D minor. It’s close to perfection.

Prelude for Cello Suite No 2 in D minor from Bach is just perfect to daydream and Jazz & Fly Fishing films are an invitation to escape our dayly life and ease our fears of the uncertainity of confinement, the fear of not being able to go fishing, to transcend our frustrations.Bach is the core of all modern musique, pagna and religious at the same time, the quintescence of music on its own. So when it matches Havård films, it’s bliss. It goes so well with the early sprong landscapes of snowy Sweden, it’s absolute bliss. We wish it wouldnt stop.

Prelude to a Spring from Jazz & Fly Fishing