Probably one of the most beautiful place to make your fly float in order to catch one of those exquisit “zebra trout”, an alternation of currents running between rocks and deep blue pools, Tarn Headwaters are a paradise, but watch ou if someone fished before you, you’ll have to wait al before being able to cast you flies to those amazing wild trout!

It’s probably one of my favorite place to go fishing when I’m back home and ready to drive a little because that place is remote, but the landscape is breathtaking, Tarn Headwaters in Lozère (Occitanie). The drive is amazing, and the river is sick! Pure wilderness. The river looks like a romantic painting from the 19th century, and the colours are just almost unbeleivable, from the green of the forest to the browns of the land, the silver looking rocks and the green/blue water. You’ll love it! But you better be quick and sharp, your fly will only “fish” for sometimes less than  a foot, if not less, you’ll make it land in tiny pockets of water, but beware, those zebra trout are fierce and quick, if you dont set the hook quick enough, it’s too late!

Man, I love that river, I love the landscape, the wilderness, the fish, the food, everything! I’m so in love with that part of France that it’s always breaking my heart when I have to leave.

So if you want to go to Pont de Montvert, in Lozère to fish River Tarn (the headwaters) there is one guide you want to get in touch with: our friend Baptiste Conquet, aka Globe-Truiteur!

Film shot by : Des Amis et des Mouches:

Nicolas Renoux: De Rives en Derives

Baptiste Conquet: Globe-Truiteur Moniteur Guide de Pêche

Kevin Chambon: Les Sens de la Rivière