Spain is one of the best European places to fly fish, not a lot of people know about, it. The main reason is getting fishing rights… On some places you cannot fish if you didn’t buy the fishing days which are given away before opening season. But Spain is full of dams sine they need water and either you can fish for Bass or Pike in the lakes or trout under the dams.

Galicia is exceptionnal because not only you can fish the species named above but yoou can also fish for sea trout, if you are lucky enough to get a permit. But don’t worry, there are so many rivers in the Pyrenees and in the Picos de Europa or on the Galician coast and so many lakes throughout the country that if you ever come to Spain remember to check if there a fishing possibility close to where you’re going. If Galicia, there is a webpage and a FBK page.

Check for the fishing laws, in some places you cannot fish below a dam.


Dry Fly Fly Fishing from yeray lorenzo garcía