May is here, dry fly fishing will start very soon to be very productive. Here in parts of Europe, curfew will be lengthened and we will finally be able to fish on evening rise.

Not long ago, I shared with you my favorite nymph, it is now time to make you discover a caddis that I use frequently.
I’m a big fan of deer hair. I ‘m used to fishing in rather tumultuous rivers and for the time being , the use of this material makes perfect sense in all its meaning. It floats like a cork and all you have to do is make a false throw for the fly to attack new fish. Let’s come back to our caddis… Basically it’s an elk hair caddis that would have undergone a diet as the hackle of this famous fly disappears. We end up with a fly floating rather low on the water, super fast to tie and it works well. the only difficulty lies in the fixing of the wing. So for those who are not very comfortable with this technique, here is a little tip. First, align the bristles, then hold them firmly between the fingers. When fixing on the hook, the first round of thread should not be tight, the second a little more and the third you can afford to be quite bold. By doing this, your wing will not turn.