DRAAD MAGAZINE is THE new reference in the field of «fly-tying». At the Mouching office, we love it. It dusts off the somewhat old-fashioned image of this art and on top of that it is free.

DRAAD means thread. Nothing strange for a magazine exclusively dedicated to fly tying. The hard core is made up of three super tyiers: Fabien Moulin, Svend Diesel and Luca Barosselli, Peter Sikking as artistic director and Dr. Henk Verhaar as editor. The concept is really good, at each issue (yes, it’s already the second), there are equally talented guests who are highlighted. There is also a magnificent portfolio presented in the first issue as an art gallery exhibition . In the last issue, you will learn how to paint your popper heads, how to get started in fly making and selling as well as an interesting step-by-step editing. We can thank Peter for choosing a very visual magazine. It consists of 80% images and only 20% texts. To download the magazine, it’s here. here’s a little preview of what’s ahead.
draad page 10
draad page 49