During the shooting of Fly Fishing around the Mont-Blanc, we had the opportunity to test the polarizing glasses Zénith ffrom Izipizi.

First good point, delivery time. The glasses were sent on Wednesday afternoon and Friday they were in my mailbox.

The packaging is rather soft: a sliding box, with a soft case inside where the glasses are housed. Personally, I like having a hard case so I can slide them into my fishing bag without being afraid to break them but it’s up to me to be careful!

The first impression is pretty good. The look is sober but stylish thanks to the mirror lenses, they are light and when I opened the branches, I had a surprise when I discovered blinders. This is a small detail but it is nice during fishing games as it still eliminates stray lights. Moreover, these blinders are removable, so you will always look smart even for going out for a beer.

Now the glass. It is clearly made for very sunny weather. Because as soon as the brightness drops, we immediately lose clarity. On the other hand the polarization is at the rendezvous, many reflections are eliminated.
Very honestly, I was very surprised. These glasses are really good for fishing (on the other hand to use on a sunny day) but also for other outdoor activities. Polarizing lenses are effective and stylish glasses. The model is at 70€, you can buy them here.