Meet Per Jobs, a jazz musician who composes for big bands, but who also happens to be a fine fly fisherman who has the luck to fish in the most pristine places of Sweden. It’s fly fishing with music, fly fishing at it’s best!

First I was attracted by the title of the film “The Fly Fishing Composer” than as a big Paul Bley fan I was curious to know what a big band jazz composer felt when he was fishing. Than I instantly recognized Tjuonajokk and it’s famous Grayling and Pike, and especially the charismatic guide: Robert! Than I saw Ammarnäs and its fierce Trouts and what a lot of anglers dream about: Camp Onka and the Baltic Salmon. All the best of Swedish Lapland was in that film. It brought back so many memories, I felt nostalgic and instantly wanted to go back! For the ones who have never been to any of those places, let me write it in other words: probably the best places to fish! Do you feel what I mean? Enjoy, lay back on your sofa and watch it on a big screen with a drink.


The fly fishing composer from Swedish Lapland