We’ve been waiting for that film from the Chignard brothers for a while now, THE film on the rivers of Les Cévennes! The Cévennes, the southern part of the Massif Central Mountains in France, dry lands, clear waters and fiercy trouts!

For “us” aka French Southern Fly Fishers, and more specifically Le Mouching crew, Les Céennes is our private backyard! Rivers are running through amazing canyons, landscape is dry and only sheeps can eat the rare grass but the rivers are bliss, although they are also very difficult to fish. If the water is very clear, you can easily spot the trouts, but they also can spot you… and than it’s a wrap!

We were going to fish on river Dourbie and river Jontes and everywhere we arrived, our friends were telling us, “oh you just missed the Chignard brothers”! Jean-Marc is an old friend and we’ve known each other for over 20 years, going to fly shows together but mainly I got to know him better while fishing in Mexico for Permit. He’s probably, along with his brother, one of the best fly fishers I’ve known. Now he runs the fly fishing company Devaux and he’s a greatrod designer. For the past two years they’ve been sharing films and we were desperate to see this one! So tick the sqiare on the right corner of the Youtube screen, allow subtitles, than go to the cranked wheel, select automatic translation an select English! You’re all set! Now wath it on a big screen! Welcome to our backyard!