With a title like that, we couldn’t miss out on that one! It’s a hell of a film as we like them because it’s so much like us. It’s the very essence of Mouching, which is why we love fishing so much. It takes place in a part of the world that makes us dream.

The last time we talked about it, it was on the terrace of the mouching HQ in Aveyron during the shooting of our next film. We were enjoying some stuffed cabbage that Jacky had brought us (a real treat). When fishing friends get together for a good meal, very quickly, the discussions turn around our common passion. We reminisce about our memories and start dreaming about the future. And there is one that stands out from the rest, it’s Patagonia in Argentina. Personally, I’ve never been there but when you hear Cyril, Jacky and Baptiste’s stories and see their smiling faces when they talk about it, it really makes your mouth water. Rivers and lakes where there is very little fishing pressure with fish (rainbow and brown) the size of calves, sumptuous landscapes where nature is king, add to that the culture and the gastronomy that Argentina has to offer, how can we resist the desire to go and drag our waders. I’ll stop talking and let you watch this film by Karim Jodor which is a little nugget.

If you ever want to go there, I let you contact Baptiste, he knows the region very well.