What is it I hear? We’re already on episode 4 from “buffet series”?

Well, guys, we’re in a real hurry right now. But we haven’t forgotten about you, and today we’re bringing you not one episode of the Buffet Series, but three! For latecomers, you’ll find the start of season 3 here

Episode 2 is devoted to dry fishing only for Grayling. As usual, Gilbert gives us a magnificent shot with slow-motion gobbling and hooking, underwater shots and close-ups of the standards of this playful fish.

Episode 3 will refresh your thoughts with this crazy heat wave. And let’s face it, we’re not really used to seeing river fly-fishing movies set in the middle of winter. Everything is sublimated by the atmosphere emanating from this silky white setting. I find the music that accompanies the video particularly well-suited: calm and restful.

Logically, episode 4 takes place in spring, in search of passable rivers. Those who live in mountainous regions know all too well what hell it can be like when the snow melts. The water turns brown and very cold, and the lakes are still frozen. The kind of conditions that don’t make you want to go out with a fly rod in hand. You have to turn to smaller rivers or headwaters. But nothing is impossible and the fish are definitely there.

Well, guys, enjoy the show, and come back next week for the final episode of season 3, and you won’t be disappointed, believe me. To be continued…