Yesterday, we were in Danemark, today, let’s go in Ireland ! And I love Ireland. Since i’m young, everybody told me that Ireland il the best place to catch big pikes in beauttiful lakes. Then, one year ago, I went to Ireland, without catching any pikes but I discovered a lot of exciting things… Pubs, stouts, the beautiful southern bays, castles, interesting people… And all that green !

Anyway, all that things to say that we all dream about Ireland at Mouching team. And our friends from Rodtrip juste come back with a cool movie about their trip, where you can see awesome landscapes and angry pikes !


They show us with this beautiful video that we can go to Ireland without providing a raincoat or any fleece jacket, that you can see the all along the week and and finally that Ireland remains superb destination only two hours flight from home. And by the way, if you go through Cork, go smack a kiss to the boss of Watercourse Fishing Centre ! I always have its Silver Grey which sits proudly on my shelf !