Trout Season is a beautiful very short film by Sage, the rodbuilder, that many of us are using. It is indeed a very nice film, without useless boring voice over but with a minimalist music. A day in the West, fishing for trout. I must confess I hesitated a lot before puting this film on Le Mouching, for the same reason we didn’t go to EFFTEX (european pro fishing show). The reason? The industry is not playing fair game with the web fly fishing sites. They want us to advertise for free, they want us to talk about their gear but without having to pay. It is not fair because they need us to sell, and any advertising is a business. You want us to talk about you, don’t send us rods, write a check a get an advertising contract. But they are hoping the fly shops will do the job for them, but fly shops have very little money to invest in advertising. So it’s a catch 22, they are not supporting fly fishing websites, but they need us to talk about their gear, the readers want to know about the gear and we love to talk about new gear too. What is the answer? We don’t mention brnnds anymore but then, how do fly fishing websites make a living? If you know the answer or if you are inthe industry, feel free to contact us! In the mentime, here’s a nice short film.